Libra New Moon – October 19, 2017

Libra New Moon – October 19, 2017

The New Moon forms at 26 degrees, 35 minutes Libra at 12:12 pm PDT on October 19, 2017.  Tonight we have the opportunity to assess the last ten months and to implement our game plan for the next three years.  I’m being generous when I say three because it’s really more like one and a half – but it could be as much as three.  We’ve learned and experienced a lot since Pluto arrived in Capricorn in 2008. We’ve learned even more from the Cardinal Crosses of 2010 and the seemingly endless T squares that have marked the last 10 years.  It’s time to put that information to work.

Not to belabor the point, but the emphasis has been on change and transformation.  Tonight the new moon, riding in tandem with the Sun in Libra opposes Uranus (the change-bringer) in Aries.  If there was ever a time to look seriously and with a practical eye to the FUTURE (Uranus – ruler of Aquarius)… Well – Tonight’s the Night.

Libra is the first sign that deals specifically with relationship.  All relationship – friendship, business associates, partners, rivals, open enemies, lovers, and spouses.  It’s not just about romantic relationship.  It is how we relate to “the other”.  Uranus loves change.  He is the higher octave of Mercury, daring to scout and to soar ahead to unknown territory, always with the intention of pushing humanity and all beings forward.  Uranus is unsullied genius, pure inspiration, and innovation.  In Aries he speaks to our process of individuation and our decision to incarnate this lifetime in order to fulfill our soul’s desire.

This is the energy we must use now.  Uranus is currently retrograde.  He is showing us our past, where we’ve been for the last decade – how it’s been and why it’s been that way – what was good and what simply doesn’t work now.  It’s a kindness really – although it probably doesn’t feel that way.  Libra has trouble deciding.  It’s hard work to weigh and balance all that information.  But it must be done.

Uranus knows that we have suffered pain and loss to achieve this point in time.  “We are exhausted.  We want to rest.  Do we really have to bear down and push through again?  It feels like I just did that!!!  How much do I have to lose/surrender before I can break through?”  These are things you might be saying and hearing from those around you…

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions but I do know that fear of loss and forward movement with stall your transformation permanently.  Investigate the energies of 2010 – 2017.  What is true now that was not true then?  The New Moon sextiles Saturn at 23 Sadge as he heads toward the Galactic Center.  Use this time as an opportunity to reconcile the past, acknowledge and grieve your losses, and to propel yourself forward to the transformations ahead.

Jupiter moved into Scorpio on October 10.  He’s always in an expansive mood and God only knows what he’ll get up to in Scorpio…(I would say, uncovering sex scandals of great magnitude to begin with and possibly moving on to revealing the truth about so-called Alien life forms – but maybe that’s too much too soon…) ANYWAY – Think of where you want to be.  Ask and pray for what you want.  But most of all, take action.  You must take action!  Jupiter will promote growth through revelation and transformation while he’s in Scorpio.

Tonight’s new Moon is a promise you make to yourself.  Major changes can happen between now and the next New Moon on November 18.  The veil between the worlds is thinning as we approach Samhain/Halloween.  All things are possible at this darkest time of the year.  Change is happening very quickly.  Believe in what you know in your heart.  Be true to that and nothing will ever really go wrong.