Libra Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon – March 23, 2016

Libra Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon – March 23, 2016

We’re here!  Finally arrived.  The second eclipse of 2016 is imminent.  The Full Moon forms at 03 degrees, 17 minutes Libra at 5:00 am PDT on March 23, 2016.  This is an extremely powerful full moon.  It is not a total lunar eclipse.  The next one of those will be in January 2018.  This is a penumbral eclipse where the Moon moves through the outer region of the Earth’s shadow, showing only a darkening of the Moon’s surface.  It’s not the wowser that last fall’s total lunar eclipse was, but it’s every bit as powerful.  Remember:  each eclipse packs its own peculiar punch.

It’s been quite a run up to this eclipse.  This Pisces Solar eclipse was pretty huge.  All that undifferentiated, uncertain, vague, now you see it/now you don’t energy, patiently and lovingly licking at your psyche and your psychic structures…. Reverberating and looping around and around and around….  “Oooohhh – it felt good.  It felt weird.  It felt bad, no – it was actually pleasurable – maybe…. Hmmmm… maybe we need to try that again???  Ooohhh – maybe not….  What the hell/was is that????…. Oh – did I really see/feel that?  “(Please feel free to insert your own scenario from the last two weeks here).  ETC.

And oh yes – Springtime became official in there somewhere….  Thank God/Goddess for Aries!  Yes it was an intensely abrupt changing of the guard – but it always is – and enough is enough!!!  It was definitely time to bring the hammer down on all that Pisces energy!  Time to crawl to shore.  Leave the sea creatures to their watery realms. There are still plenty of players left in Pisces to perpetuate the odd goings-on in underwater funhouse – don’t worry about that – we’re not done yet.  But for now, shake yourself, rest and dry off by the glowing flames of Aries’ Cardinal Fire.  When’s the last time anyone talked about Aries in soothing tones?  I thought so – well you heard it here…

Six months ago there was a total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees 40 minutes Aries.  This eclipse is in Libra, basically opposite last fall’s eclipse.  You may remember the Venus retrograde cycle of 2015 which began in June and finally ended in October.  Remember that whole “relationship intensive” thing… well, its back again with an extra kick.  The square of Saturn to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and to Ceres, Chiron, Venus and the South Node in Pisces frames the relationship question in a whole new light.  Saturn in Sagittarius is advocating a realignment of our morals, ethics and belief systems, as well as our relationship to the natural world. Jupiter in Virgo is in his detriment.  He’s not in his happy place.  He feels confined but obligated to make the best of an uncomfortable situation.  So in Virgo, he’s willing to get with the program of the North Node and align his energy with health, wellbeing, good stewardship of the earth and her resources and refinement in the best sense of the word.  He will throw his considerable weight and energy into purification, integration and intelligent use of resources.  In doing so he responds to Saturn’s demands for the actualization of a new social imperative – one that’s aligned in body, mind and spirit at a personal level and attuned to the higher philosophical standard at a societal level.  Saturn and Jupiter are, after all the planets with the highest social conscience.  The placements in Virgo and Sagittarius only underscore this social imperative.

Saturn’s square to the stellium in Pisces is both personal and transpersonal.  Chiron and Ceres conjunct the South Node with Venus close at their heels.  This speaks to the necessity of healing ancient and recent wounds – those from all our previous incarnations still dangling out there in the spheres as well as the ones from our current expression’s childhood, adolescence, mid-life crisis or even the last week’s trauma.  It’s all one big undifferentiated ball of feeling and pain here in Pisces.  Saturn requires us to reform our relationship to these wounds so that we no longer inflict damage at a societal level.  Saturn requires us to investigate, own, and transform these wounds, freeing ourselves and all humanity from the hideous cycle that our inattention to our very real pain creates and worse yet – perpetuates.   Venus in her exaltation in Pisces gives us the courage to love ourselves thoroughly enough to save our own lives – past, present and future.  Ceres provides us with nurturance and unconditional love.  She stands at our side to assist us on the journey.  Chiron has strong medicine, psychological expertise, and the desire to assist us in learning how to identify, feel and truly heal our deepest wounds, betrayals, violence, and pain.  The South Node provides an unbiased historical record of our pain, grief, wounds and injuries – all of it – consciously remembered or hidden in the arcane and deliberately obscured shadows of our collective and individual memories.  It is all readily available now.  And now is the time to do this work.  In fact it’s critically important.  This is relationship work of the highest order.

The Moon is obscured tonight.  She is full but darkened by the Earth’s – by our – collective violence and pain.  Her opposition to Mercury tonight opens a superhighway to recognition of these collective wounds that keep us in separation from our self and from others.  Listen to your body.  Listen to your feelings.  Listen to the call of the inevitable.  The time to repair these personal and collective rifts is now.

There’s been a lot of death and dissolution.  Lots of souls leaving the planet.  Lots of transition.  And even more important as we approach the Easter season, much resurrection and rebirth.  The astrological New Year has come again.  The wheel has turned decisively.  Use this momentum.  There is everything to gain if you do.  And ultimately, much to lose if you do not.  A trip to the underworld to rescue your wounded self in springtime can be very instructive.  Use the fiery initiative of Aries to make the trip.  When you emerge as a healed being the world looks ever so much better – especially in spring.  We have another six months till the next set of eclipses.  Time, as always, will tell.  Springtime blessings to all!!!