Libra Full Moon March 31, 2018

Libra Full Moon – March 31, 2018

As the Moon became full this morning at 5:36 am PDT at 10 degrees 44 minutes Libra, she woke me up. I immediately knew why I was waking up – and I wasn’t a bit sorry. I needed my sleep last night!  I think she was annoyed that I chose to go to bed early last night rather than write my usual full moon piece.  But truthfully, it’s been a beastly nasty week full of twist and turns, high anxiety, unpleasant and unwanted surprises, and oh yes- don’t forget the major religious holidays…  Last Friday’s Mercury retrograde has done no one any favors that I can see.  Basically, it’s been a mess.

The Moon in Libra is opposite the Sun in Aries.  Aries is the sign of initiation and individuation.  It’s all about being free and independent as well as clarifying and expressing oneself.  Libra is the sign of relationships – not just good relationships – ALL relationships:  friends, lovers, enemies, business partners – you name it – anyone with whom you have sustained dealings.  Libra wants to form associations and relationships in order to clarify the self and to partner effectively with others.  This is very different from the impulses of Aries.  Both are Cardinal directional signs.  Aries is the natural first house of the zodiac and rules the ascendant or Eastern hemisphere of the chart.   Libra is the natural seventh House and rules the descendant and the Western hemisphere.  This Full Moon is a litmus test. Alkaline or Acid?  In or Out? Friend or Foe? Peace or War? Advancing or Standing Still?   Who better than the Libra Moon to administer this exam?  This week will give us some indicators and landmarks to steer by.  So let’s try to unwind this a little.

There’s a T-Square that’s in play at this moon. (That’s an opposition (180 degrees) plus two 90 degree angles from each end of the opposition to the planet at the midpoint of the opposition).  It’s fractious and touchy energy.  The signs that are involved are Aries, Capricorn and Libra; all Cardinal directional signs.  Sun in Aries squares Saturn and Mars in Capricorn as it opposes the Moon in Libra.  Moon in Libra also squares Saturn (in rulership in Capricorn) and Mars (in exaltation in Capricorn).  Sun is in Aries, the sign of his “exaltation” – so he’s feeling pretty good – but he’s conjunct Mercury who is retrograde (also squaring Saturn/Mars) – which is not so great. Mercury in Aries is hasty, quick tempered, intuitive and willful (so not necessarily a lot of help). The Sun has a naturally generous temperament.  He shines 100% of the time at full strength. Nothing prevents him from shining.  So the interference from Saturn and Mars seems unnatural and perhaps even impossible to him.  But he is not in his sign of rulership (Leo), and therefore will not prevail in this interaction.

Moon in Libra is rather neutral with regard to what’s going on with Sun/Mercury and Saturn/Mars square but she’s got her own problems with regard to her own square to Saturn/Mars.  This square suggests that we may be required to rethink (Mercury Rx) our relationships and to recalibrate our reactions to our social and political structures.  The Moon is able to see this impartially from her vantage point in Libra.  She is likely to make better choices from this spot.  And never forget – the moon moves quickly. By Sunday night she’ll be in Scorpio.

Saturn and Mars are a heavy combination – especially in Capricorn.  Saturn rules Capricorn and Mars is exalted there.  Saturn is about structure, discipline, law, government, learning practical earthly lessons, integrity and patience.  Mars in Capricorn has the power to implement and move forward as always, with the added feature of being able to swiftly and accurately execute a plan of action. The square will be exact on April 2.  Saturn is setting up shop in Capricorn.  New structures and new ways of being are coming forward. He will be there for a while with Pluto who’s been there since 2008.  Ultimately they will be joined by Jupiter in 2020.

Squares call for adjustments.  Adjustments require decisions.  Notice Chiron at 29 degrees Pisces ready to cross over into Aries on April 18.  The last degrees of Pisces finalize a complete cycle of the zodiac.  The intention to once again descend from spirit into matter – to incarnate on the earth plane are loaded with decisions, adjustments, promises, agreements …. The list goes on. Chiron is ready to go around again.  Are you ready to heal and seal this round?  Are you ready to re-up?  To sign on for another tour?  Are you going to keep your appointment with your future as you’ve divinely designed it?  You’re not going to give up, flake out, or turn around; are you?  Can you stay true to you (Aries) while enjoying and working with others (Libra)?  Are you willing?  Things are going to speed up. Things are going to break down. Things are going to be different – no doubt about that!  We’ve come a long way. And we’ve got a ways to go.

“Since we don’t know where we’re going – we have to stick together in case someone gets there.” – Ken Kesey

Are you on the bus or off the bus?