Libra Full Moon – April 7-8, 2020

Libra Full Moon – April 7-8, 2020

Well, here we are.

Tonight’s Full Moon forms at 18 degrees, 43 minutes Libra at 7:34 pm PDT. Overnight she will be full at 2:34 am GMT. “Things” and “We” (which is really all the same thing) continue to change and change with great speed. It seems that there is no time and yet there is nothing but time – endless amounts and different sorts of time. We are free to explore the time within time and the space contained there. And We – many of us, are unaccustomed to this feeling. And so there can be feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, fear, hesitation, sorrow, anger, loss, and emptiness. Perhaps this is a reaction to the vast range of possibility/impossibility that we now face going forward. The way is unclear. We are feeling and experiencing the limitations of this way of being. Our habitual dualistic way of thinking and being is not serving us well. And basically – it’s over.

The space that exists within the time encapsulated by our perception of space and time is huge. It’s enormous. It is literally cosmic. And its uncharted parameters are up to you. This time offers us a weird gift for those who understand the precious value of this interval. To others it is a literal plague which presents the challenge to survive or surrender. And who knows – it might be both. We are at the edge of transformation, shifting from duality back to oneness. Our experience of this sudden but not entirely unexpected chain of events will set the tone for the next century and beyond. It is an opportunity to turn inward, to go deep and to pioneer new space within the accepted and outdated notions of time and space. This is a major bend in the road. And there is no turn-around up ahead. There’s no going back.

Tonight’s Libra Moon is a SuperMoon, the last of three in a row, closest to Earth, and the most brilliant. Based on last night’s showing – she is gorgeous and alive with reflective light. Libra is associated with balance, justice, diplomacy, partnership, and refined aesthetics. There’s a lot of dissonance, conflict, distraction, false information, and ambiguity flying around now. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is currently in Gemini, encouraging us to search for balanced, useful, factual, and positive beneficial information. She is trine Saturn in the early degrees of Aquarius as he explores and plans for his move into that sign on December 17 for about 2.5 years. Get ready for that – it promises to be structurally interesting.

Each of us has an internal compass needle that swings between true and false. Pay attention to that. Accept that there’s a lot happening and that there will be varying accounts. Again, go deep into your own time and space to connect with your true feelings. The North Node in Cancer has been helping us along the way with our feeling nature and our ability to trust and own our emotions. The North and South Nodes will be moving into Gemini/Sagittarius respectively, on May 5th. There will be another shift at this time. Much of what is being discussed in the mainstream media is pejorative and false. Listen and read carefully. The quality and quantity of information that will be disseminated in the very near future will require you to be discerning at a very high level. Use this deep time/space opportunity to create an objective truth- based reality for yourself and your community.

Recognize and accept that the bigger future starts now. Our current situation, courtesy of Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces is one of isolation and limitation blended with a heady mix of reality and dreams. Now you see it- now you don’t. Or may you don’t and maybe you do… But this isolation that we must embrace – this going deep and far and wide with no respect for traditional notions of time and space. This restriction and dedication will eventually and permanently free us from this odious miasma that threatens to destroy our planet/world. Space, Time, and Destiny. It must be redone. It must unravel. We and the Earth need this time to rest, consider, and align. And then, we must re-make the world.