Libra Full Moon (#2) – April 19, 2019

Libra Full Moon (#2) – April 19, 2019
Here we are at the second Libra Full Moon of the year. I refer you to the last two Moon reports of March 20 and April 5, 2019. March 20 was the Vernal Equinox. You might want to revisit these two reports. The Moon was in Libra at 00 degrees, 08 minutes on March 20. Libra is about relationship – all sorts of relationships. That night we entered the astrological New Year as the Sun moved into Aries and the Moon opposed it in Libra. It was a SuperMoon, the last, brightest and closest to Earth for 2019. It was definitely a spotlight moment. On that night I asked: “WHAT DO YOU REALLY REALLY WANT?” Have you figured that out yet? Because if you haven’t you might want to give it some very serious thought.
Tonight’s Full Moon in Libra is at the very last degree of the sign – 29 degrees, 06 minutes. This is the second rendezvous for this pair in this sign combination. And no surprise, the full moon is here to remind you that it really is about what you really want. The who, what, where, how, why, when, if, etc… all those nebulous words need to be clarified.
Sun in Aries celebrates the sovereign self. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an Aries, or a Gemini or a Leo – we’re all affected by the force, simplicity and single-mindedness of Aries during the Sun’s transit of that sign. Aries celebrates the you that’s the most you that you can be. The true you – the one that incarnated into this life because you couldn’t wait any longer or pass it up on this go round – because you just had to get here! It’s the you knew that this life you’re having now would not be all fun and games – that there would be excitement, sorrow, pain , boredom, love – all of it. You chose to come all the same! It’s the you that holds you together and moves you forward with incredible purity of intent and infinite actual love that you may not even be fully aware of. If you’re not on good speaking terms with this you or have difficulty accessing it, it’s probably time to get to work and let that pure part of you speak to the part that’s not getting it.
The Full Moon in Libra has come around again to remind you that not only is it about what you really want; it’s also about your relationship to what you want. Again – we’re back to all those “who, how, why, and when” words. 2018 saw retrogrades of both Venus and Mars, feminine and masculine, the rulers of Libra and Aries. That was a huge emotional review that got us ready to face velocity of 2019. 2019 is preparing us for the openings that will occur in 2020. Right now things have already speeded up and are changing fast. There’s a lot of uncertainty that’s blanketing the emotional landscape. And if you look under the covers you’ll find outright fear of the future. You have the power to mitigate that and to banish it outright. Don’t fall for the idea that it’s something that you have to suffer with.
Our emotional circuits are changing. Our ideas and feelings are changing. This can be freeing but it can also leave you feeling adrift and aimless if you’re not conscious of your thoughts and actions. We no longer feel the need to base our relationships on expectations that were relevant 200 years ago or even 30 years ago. We must be confident in the purity of our own soul. This is the Aries part of the message. The Libra message is to listen to that deep self and to allow ourselves to be touched and entered into by others but only in ways that will support and protect the sovereign self. When you learn to honor yourself you will then be able to honor others and they in turn will honor you. And only then we will learn how to move forward and how to maintain our balance.
We are facing a sea change. Uranus has not been in Taurus for 70 years. We are experiencing a square to the Saturn Pluto conjunctions of 1982-84 when both planets were in Libra and Scorpio. Chiron has returned to Aries for the first time since 1969. These and other aspects encourage us get to the bottom of what’s painful, repeating, and not working. Relationships are the core of this work – and not just our relationships to our selves to each other! It’s everything! But that’s where we have to start. Are you going to disappoint the you that was so desperate to come to Earth – the one that came to give and receive love, to share and grow within itself, its environment, and with other beings? We are leaving what’s come to be known as traditional structure. Be aware that change will come whether you decide to change or not. Change is happening and it won’t stop. The momentum is increasing. Don’t be afraid. Move with the changes. Your decisions are your own to make. Make the choice to support, love, and cherish the you that got you here.