Leo New Moon – Total Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017

Leo New Moon – Total Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017

The second of two New Moons in Leo forms at 28 degrees, 52 minutes Leo at 11:30 am PDT on August 21, 2017.  But the “Great American Eclipse” that you’ve heard so much about begins at 9:08 am PDT and peaks at 10:20 for about 2 minutes, concluding at 11:38 am PDT.  The first Leo New Moon, you might remember, fell at 00 degrees Leo.  This one occurs at the very last degrees and minutes of the sign, nicely bracketing the Leonine energies of Summer 2017.   On August 22 at 3:20 pm PDT, the Sun moves into Virgo.  BOOM!  DONE!

Truly, the Universe has impeccable timing.  In November 2011, Regulus, the Royal Northern Star, a first magnitude star (actually brighter than our Sun) at the center of the constellation of Leo moved into Virgo.  It is one of the four Royal Stars also known as Watchers stationed at the four directions of the ecliptic.   Regulus is known as the Coeur de Lion – Heart of the Lion or Alpha Leonis– (think Richard the Lionhearted and Michael Corleone).  Regulus has been in Leo for 2160 years.  It will remain in Virgo until 4171.  Only just into Virgo, it will be directly in the path of this eclipse.  In the time the Moon takes to obscure the Sun, the mantle will pass from the Patriarchy back to the Goddess – to Virgo, the capable and discerning woman.  2000 plus years is a long time in human terms but it’s a blink of the Universe’s all-seeing eye.

This eclipse is a portal – a big one.  As the eclipse begins, the dark Moon moves from her home sign of Cancer to cover the Sun in the last moments of Leo.  The two Luminaries will be in the signs of their rulership.  This gives even greater dignity, strength, and importance to the eclipse.  Light encodes information.  Eclipses are interruptions in the flow of light and information.  We are living in chaotic times.  More so lately.  This interruption is a major checkpoint and not just a crossroads but a very definite reset.  Last year’s master class in perception is over.  There is no equivocating now – no shifting from one foot to the other in order to calibrate the slightest difference that might give us an excuse to beg off taking a stand or stating our truth.  We are at the moment of choice.  We cannot wait for others to help us decide.  We must do this by ourselves and for ourselves.  This is a powerful opportunity to leap forward with courage, joy, and faith.   Take the leap of faith.  You might be insanely happy and surprised to see who you find standing near you when you land!

How do you want to live?  That’s the question.  The South Node in Aquarius represents what is passing away.  Social unrest, global and political uncertainty and disruption, and preoccupation with social and political philosophy come naturally to Aquarius – and that’s fine – but it isn’t helping matters in the now. It’s not the way forward.  We’re in the thick of it and it’s pretty weird and often frightening.  And I can’t help but feel that it’s being designed to be that way.  We’re being kept off balance.  Our information sources are not only incomplete, they are often (even frequently) inaccurate or plain fictitious. We’re being sold the philosophy of fear, ignorance, limitation, suspicion, and distrust.  No one is selling Utopia these days – dystopia maybe…  Don’t buy that shit!

North Node in Leo says:  Take a stand for love and humanity.  Shine like the Sun.  Let your brave heart show.  Wear it proudly for all to see.  Be joyous and generous.  Move forward with confidence and delight.  Leo is ground zero for creation.  Utopia is in the human heart. Share it.  Create your own Utopia and then share it over and over again.   Put your energy into the now and the new.  And do it decisively.  Use your whole heart.    Leo does nothing by halves.

Saturn in Sadge has his hand full trying to keep tabs on policy, procedure, and the truth.  By the time he stations direct on August 25, he should have a pretty good handle on what’s got to go, can be fixed, or is beyond repair and must be released.  He is in strong trine with the Sun, Moon and Uranus at the eclipse facilitating forward movement. When Saturn begins moving forward he will making a beeline toward his rulership in Capricorn where he will join Pluto.   He will move into Capricorn around the Winter Solstice.   Currently five planets and Chiron (Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are retrograde.  So there’s still a lot of releasing, revisiting, revisions, and change on the cosmic menu.

Let it go.  Don’t buy those pictures of false reality.  Don’t live someone else’s story.  When the eclipse is over you’ll feel the release.  You’ll be changed.  Just know there’s more there to work with.  If this was an easy process we’d be done by now.  It will take the rest of 2017 to finish processing.  Major epiphanies lie ahead.  And they will surface like a pod of Humpback whales at high noon.  You‘ll be shocked.  Try to be delighted at the same time because really – every bit of truth is cause for celebration.  Every extra bit of light is a gift from divine source.  Every bit of light is love.  We’ll be moving fast for the rest of the year.  Look ahead.   Don’t look back.