Leo New Moon – July 31, 2019

Leo New Moon – July 31, 2019

Tonight’s New Moon in Leo forms at 08 degrees, 36 minutes at 8:11 pm PDT and at 3:11 am GMT tomorrow, August 1st. The Moon is dark, new and hidden. She and the Sun are conjunct as is the case at all new moons. The two luminaries, side by side in the order of the zodiac, collaborate each month to renew our resolve, reflect our desires, and reaffirm our intentions. It’s dark tonight. Conception takes place in the dark. It is a time of seeding and germination. It’s time to begin to become.

This is the first of three Super Moons in a row, where the Moon is at perigee – it’s nearest approach to the Earth. During this phase she increases her gravitational pull on the tides, tectonic plates, and our psyches. The Moon has no light of her own. She faithfully reflects the light of the Sun so that we may feel less alone in the darkness of night, watching over us as we allow ourselves to rest deeply in the sleep that brings dreams of the future and remembrances of the past.

Venus conjuncts this New Moon and the Sun in Leo today reminding us to follow our hearts. She also trines Chiron in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius. This grand trine in fire ignites our desires, creativity and expansive optimism adding the impetus to heal old wounds once and for all. (which is a quietly bubbling priority this year). She’s busy this month. She will square Uranus in Taurus on August 2nd requiring us to make some adjustments. Re-evaluate your self-love quotient. Are you loving and caring for yourself in a way that will support your mission here on Earth? She trines the Sun and Jupiter on August 7-8, and conjuncts the Sun exactly on August 13-14 making her “cazimi” (within 3 degrees of the Sun until the 20th. So you see – the spotlight – the SUN – is on LOVE. All kinds of love but mostly self-love and self-care. So —-Be Care Full!!!

Do not discount the power of the Sun in Leo. Yes, it’s hot, relentless, and difficult to bear, but it radiates the vibration of truth, self-actualization, and the necessary courage to ascend to these states. There’s a word for it – LIONHEARTED. This year you’ve had the opportunity to tune in to your “lionhearted” self and to give her/him free reign. You have been in a crucible of your own making. You are forming a new self.

The past few months have been dicey and even downright nasty. There’s been a lot of letting go and a lot of questioning. Releasing the past is no easy feat. Tonight, in addition to the New Moon, Mercury stations direct at 23 degrees Cancer. He’s on his way to Leo. He will attain 4 degrees Leo on August 14th, which is the degree where he turned retrograde on July 7th. His next retrograde will be in Scorpio. We’re not done clearing the past but we’re well on our way to finishing up – and that’s progress! Give yourself a great big hug, a night on the town, and some extra credit points for a job well done. So far so good… (or if not so good – get to it!)

Jupiter who has been retrograde, turns direct on August 11, just hours before Uranus begins his retrograde phase which will last until January 10th, 2020. There are a fair number of Quincunxes (an angle of 150 degrees) coming up in the next few weeks. These will require more adjustments – but nothing of a major sort. Still they can be annoying and create petty but large mountains out of mole-hills. Watch out for the tendency to bicker and argue for the sake of argument. Just go easy. This month is a time to take stock, enjoy life and look ahead. We’ll begin another round of clearing after the Autumnal equinox. Take this time to consider what comes next and how it will look. See it. And see it clearly.

Remember – the heart of the lion is the heart that loves with all the power of the Sun. It never diminishes and it never ever stops. Not so far, and not over the course of millions and millions of years. Can you love yourself and others like that? Give it a try. See it. Feel it. Try it. And proceed.