Leo New Moon – July 26, 2014

Leo New Moon – July 26, 2014


The New Moon forms at 3 degrees, 51 minutes Leo at 3:41 pm PDT on July 26, 2014.  The Sun’s entrance into Leo on July 22 brought a much needed and appreciated burst of solar energy.  It’s been a tough year so far.  It’s been a tough couple of years actually.  The Cardinal Grand Cross of April wasn’t fun.  And we’ve been through 5 of the 7 exact Uranus – Pluto squares.  Two more remain.  The sixth on December 15, 2014 and the seventh next year on March 16, 2015 will complete the series.  This is how the outer planets operate.  Over time and with persistence, they pursue their agendas.  Uranus is intent on revolution.  Pluto is intent on transformation.  Together they will dislodge the old ways and clear the decks for the new.  And remember – new doesn’t always mean “new and improved”.  Sometimes new just means new.


But we don’t need to think about the Uranus Pluto squares or the Grand Cross now.  For now let’s rejoice at the return of the King!  Leo is royalty.  If you have any doubt – just ask him or her.  They’ll set you straight!   Leo marks the center of summer.  This is the time when the heat and light of the season is most concentrated.  Sun in Leo is a beautiful thing. Ah – it’s good to be King – or Queen!!! The Sun shines 100 percent of the time.  He never stops.   Light is only a part of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun.  Without it we and nearly all other life forms on the planet would perish.  The Sun gives life and light.  Light reveals information.  Information imparts consciousness.  Consciousness informs our choices.  Our choices determine our evolutionary path.  The Sun and Leo illuminate our path to fully realized consciousness.  Without this light and eternal unwavering support we could never achieve selfhood, clarity, consciousness, or illumination/enlightenment.


Something major has changed.  Jupiter changed signs, entering Leo on July 16.  Jupiter and the Sun are the two largest bodies in our solar system.    At this new moon he is at 02 degrees Leo, conjunct the Sun and Moon.  This is HUGELY expansive energy.  Enthusiasm, confidence, optimism, largess, and excess rule the day.  There’s no telling what kind of mischief you might get into under this influence!  Jupiter and the Sun like to party.  Together they can throw a million dollar bash!  It’s a well deserved and much needed celebration.  Enjoy yourself.  Expand and feel the magnificence of your being.  Dare to be as BIG  as you can be.  Jupiter will be in Leo until September of 2015.  Check your natal chart to see where Jupiter will be impacting you.  Make the most of this energy during the next year.


Jupiter’s transit of Cancer in 2013-2014 prepared us to expand and embrace our emotional bodies.  The extremes of last year’s the planetary aspects put us all through the wringer.  Just when you thought you couldn’t take any more… there was MORE!  And guess what?  We made it.  We definitely are stronger and wiser than we were a year ago.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon who has no light of her own.  She is illuminated by the Sun and reflects that light to us.  In the darkness of our Earth nights, she keeps us company, soothes our fears, and calms our souls.  We trust her to help us through our darkness – literally and figuratively.


Leo is heart centered.  Jupiter in Leo asks us to lead with our hearts and to expansively and generously emanate the full truth of our being.  Remember – the Sun shines 100% of the time and gives light to everyone equally.   It is our assignment to do the same.  The Moon will still be there at night to comfort us and the Sun will never abandon us.  The luminaries are with us always.  This is the bargain.


The second half of 2014 will be totally different.  Be joyous, radiant, expansive and full.  Be courageous.  Step into the brightness and heat.  Be ready, be strong and be fearless.  Be your heart and nothing else.