Leo New Moon – August 2, 2016

Leo New Moon – August 2, 2016

The New Moon forms at 10 degrees 57 minutes Leo at 1:44 pm PDT on August 2, 2016.  The big news is that we made it through June and July!  YAY! And the bigger news is that Mars entered Sagittarius this morning at 10:49 am PDT, ahead of the New Moon, paving the way with enthusiasm and visions of infinite horizons.  So DOUBLE YAY!  What a relief to have fiery energy in play once again!  Gone is the tendency to murky, merciless, soul-rending depression and self-recrimination.  Well, it’s practically gone anyway…  Mars’ retrograde is over and he’s changed signs.  That’s all we need to know for now.

The Sun and Moon in Leo celebrate the sovereign self.  Leo rules the heart and the spine.  We need an open resonant heart and a strong flexible spine to walk in this world.  Leo provides us with a dazzling example of how to move through the world with dignity, honor, generosity, strength, responsibility, power, and noblesse oblige.  The heart knows truths that the brain dare not consider.   This new moon requires us to look within and to find the supreme truth of ourselves.

We have just finished a grueling and painful examination of our past and current emotional trajectory.  How many times have we fallen into the collective pit of pain and sorrow over the last five months?  It hasn’t been enough that we were dealing with our own personal pain.  Oh no!  As we wandered through the labyrinth of the Scorpionic underworld, we met fellow travelers that we’d long forgotten about.  And not just entities from our current lifetime.  Oh no!  Past life stuff was right there walking and talking hand in hand with our current incarnation.  Sometimes we were walking forward.  Sometimes we were walking backward.  And sometimes we couldn’t walk at all – we had to crawl as best we could.  What we learned there is going to be invaluable as we move ahead.  What we know now was learned organically and unexpectedly. It won’t be forgotten.  And best of all (although it did not seem like the best thing ever at the time) what we learned was the truth of our own hearts.

Venus has been in the Underworld too.  She’s returned – been back for a couple of weeks.  Moving ahead of the Sun and getting ready to move into Virgo on August 5.  She’s visible just above the horizon at sunset.  As the summer progresses we will be able to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky.

There’s a feeling of respite.  Time to breathe and appreciate the now that we’re enjoying.  Time to acknowledge what brings us joy and how our creations reflect the truth what’s in our hearts.  In a way, it’s as if we’ve been cleansed, purified and relieved of the suffering that originated in our brain’s inability to process the truth – the whole truth.  And there is definitely freedom in that feeling – freedom and rebirth.

Jupiter in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces for the third and last time of this cycle on August 12.  Jupiter is not super comfortable in Virgo, being forced to examine and analyze various conditions and circumstances, but he manages to retain his magnanimity, allowing the healing power of Chiron to permeate and sooth the memories of difficult and intractable situations.  Jupiter will be moving into Libra on September 9.  His concerns will change.  He will be much more interested in diplomacy and much less interested in service.

The next day, Saturn in Sagittarius stations direct, lending the power of forward movement to his ongoing square to Neptune in Pisces.  Saturn reaffirms the reality and truth of structure, boundaries and limitations that are in place on the physical plane while Neptune doubles down on what he does best – dissolving the nature of that so-called reality.  As a result there’s a lot of emotional “whiplash” going on.  Saturn dictates caution, conservative action and ok – let’s say it- FEAR:  All the time saying “you need to be careful, it’s for your own good, don’t go out on a limb, respect the limits of reality” blah blah blah – on and on…  Neptune blissfully continues dreaming and dissolving, asserting that there is no such thing as a boundary or a limit to “reality”  and asserting that illusion can be truth if you live there long enough.  But of course they are both correct.  We need other “realities”.

Boundaries have been breached – politically and personally.  Neptune is literally dissolving borders between countries.  Saturn is literally attempting to build walls.  The underworld has been brought to the surface. The boiling anger and disaffection that afflicts humankind has been brought into the light and our calm denial mechanisms are powerless to send it back.  Our affectations of certainty and security have been thrown overboard and they’re not coming back anytime soon.  All systems trend toward increasing complexity if they are left to their own devices.  They will break apart and reform endlessly.  At a certain point they become so complicated and ornate as to be cumbersome.  They lose their complexity and eventually their elegance,becoming useless and possibly harmful.  We are at the end of a system of the world that desperately needs to reform and transform.  Fear is preventing that transformation, reformation, and reorganization.

Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo point the way to a same and expansive vision of a new reorganizations.  And you know that if there’s any way to get fantasy and reality together, we’d better leave it in the hands of Virgo and Pisces ….  So are you ready for more?  More what?  I can’t say exactly.  I can’t promise anything.  We’ve got three eclipses coming up.  That could change everything.   By October we should see some – not all, but some – stabilization.

I keep saying that New Moons are times for the setting of serious intentions.   I’m not kidding.  Use your heart at this new Moon.  Use your spine.  Emanate the truth of you and let the world feel that.  Tell your brain to take a vacation.  Let this happen organically.  No striving – just being.  Just love.