Leo New Moon – August 18 – 19, 2020


Leo New Moon – August 18-19, 2020

The New Moon forms on August 18 at 26 degrees 35 minutes of Leo at 7:41 pm PDT; at 2:42 am GMT on August 19. Leo loves the spotlight. In many ways he IS the spotlight. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, shining steadily and tirelessly 100% of the time. He gives life to our Earth and by extension to the inner and outer planets of our Solar System. Leo reminds us that we are individual sovereign beings. Each of us projects our divine essence through our light, love, intention, and personal emanation here on planet Earth.

Tonight’s New Moon lunation is conjunct Mercury at 28 degrees Leo prompting our “thinking center ” brain-self (Gemini – in charge of Organization and General/Specific – True/False Knowledge Storage) to invite our “heart center ” brain- self (Leo – in charge of Heartfelt Action, Courage, Self-Sovereignty and Leadership out for a night on the town, or a least a quiet dinner and drinks. It’s pleasant to have the Sun, Moon and Mercury on the same page because there’s a lot to think, feel, and decide right now. There’s a lot to talk about. In the midst of this light infused moment, we continue to be under the influence of stricter and heavier energies that are determined to push ahead and through to a new structure for our world. This hasn’t been a pretty or enjoyable process so far. And truthfully I don’t think it’s meant to be pleasant. Humans are an extremely distracted bunch. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are set on gaining and keeping our attention to this process. There’s a definite agenda that need to be completed. And there’s a lot for humanity to learn as well. So it’s all business all the time right now as far as they’re concerned.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury have another plan. It’s not contrary to the energies of Capricorn – it runs parallel. Sun rules Leo which rules the heart, spine, sovereignty, and courage of BEING. The Sun shines with the same strength, intention, courage, and commitment ALL THE TIME. Think about that. The Sun in Leo is King. The Moon is his Queen. She faithfully reflects the light of the Sun so that humanity will have comfort in the darkness of night and not feel afraid. The Sun and his Queen Consort are directing US/YOU to embody as much of this noble, radiant, solid (Sun) and pure, reflective, movable (Moon) energy as you possibly can. It’s a challenge under our current circumstances. The Chaos factor is high and the temptation to play it safe is enormous.

And that’s why it’s so important to look up – see forward and make the necessary changes. This time at the center of summer sets the tone for what will come between now and the New Year. Tonight the Sun, Moon and Mercury are sextile the North Node at 28 degrees Gemini. Mercury and the Sun at 26 and 28 degrees Leo are quincunx Saturn at 26 degrees Capricorn. And Saturn is quincunx the North Node. This is the signature of a “Yod” or “Finger of God”. A Yod can produce fast-moving and unpredictable situations. The planet at the apex of the Yod, (Saturn in this case) will be the conductor and moderator of the energies of the aspect – or it can act as a very effective block to the energy. The quincunx itself is an indicator of movement into a new situation – a release and letting go. There is a swiftness and urgency to this aspect. It stops action, makes it’s demands known, and changes the situation – period. There’s not a lot of time to deliberate. Make your choices or they will be made for you.

Now is the time to BRING IT! IMPLEMENT! ACT! Work what you know will create the new, more fulfilling, and joyously expressive life you desire. Take the initiative now. The energies of this New Moon are poised to propel us forward if we move forward and follow through. The Leo energies of power, will, heart, and dedication will carry us through.

What better time to get moving? Mars at 24 degrees Aries is trine the Sun, New Moon, and Mercury in Leo tonight. He’s also squaring the triple conjunction of Jupiter at 18 degrees (wide – but ok), Pluto at 22, and Saturn at 26 Capricorn respectively. Mars will be squaring most of the cardinal placements over the next good while. And he will station retrograde next month on September 9th- not turning direct until January 6, 2021. (P.S. Uranus goes direct on January 14, 2021- interesting…) Keep your eye on those two! We currently have Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus, and the Nodes retrograde.

So if there was ever a time to review, release, and move full speed ahead with this Mars in Aries placed in his sign of rulership – I would say NOW IS THE TIME. DO NOT back off and DO NOT back down. 2020 will have an interesting and eventful second half.