Leo Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse – January 31, 2018

Leo Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse – January 31, 2018

Tonight’s Full Moon which forms at 11 degrees 37 minutes Leo at 5:26 am PST is also a total lunar eclipse, sometimes referred to as a “Blood Moon” because of the color taken on by the Moon as the she moves through Earth’s unbra, preventing the light of the Sun from reaching her.  It is also referred to as a “Blue Moon” as it is the second Full Moon in the month of January 2018 (the first was on January 1 in Cancer).  Calendar months mean very little to the heavenly bodies – but we here on earth like to have stories and folklore attached to our phenomena – and so the phrase:  “Once in a Blue Moon”, meaning:  not very often.  This eclipse occurs during a “SuperMoon”, when she is at perigee, her closest approach to Earth, increasing gravitational pull on the tides, tectonic plates, and our psyches.  There will not be another Super/Blood/Blue Moon until 2037. Also – there will be no Full Moon in February but there will be a partial solar eclipse on February 15 at the Aquarius New Moon. Remember, eclipses come in pairs.

But back to the energies at hand.  Eclipses run in 19 year cycles and fall at nearly exact degrees.  January 31, 1999 was the last lunar eclipse at these degrees.  Think back to that time.  Did you party like it was 1999?  How’s it going vis a vis that point in time and space? Progress? Evolution? Yes? No? More of the same?  Now think back to last summer and the “Great American” Leo/Aquarius Eclipses because this eclipse is going to resonate with those and the 1999 eclipse.  You may need to do a little personal archeology.  Got the picture?  Astrologically speaking, we are still finishing 2017.  2018 officially starts with the Spring Equinox.  We are still finishing up 2017 – albeit with more detachment and far less personal involvement than was the case in the weeks leading up to January 1.

The North node of the Moon in Leo insists that we self-activate and self-actualize.  The South Node in Aquarius carries high ideals and visions for the future but it also carries a great deal of personal detachment.  The idea of flesh and blood humanity isn’t exactly central to the musings of the Aquarian mind which tends to the observational, theoretical, and abstract realms. Not to suggest that this is not a helpful stance, but the time has clearly come to leave the land of abstract ideals, all talk, and no action.  We’ve been camped on that hillside for a very long time.

Leo stakes a strong claim for sovereignty of the self.  The Aquarian “group think” has run out of steam for the time being. The South Node represents the past – and our collective and individual past lives that got us here – to this place in time and space.  This personal/collective past requires our recognition, complete integration, and love.  This is not easy for us.  Our abstract understandings of our world are currently unparalleled in our conscious knowledge of our shared history.  Our connections via technology, travel, and interconnected psychic space are similarly profound.  But our ability to acknowledge and take ownership of our collective consciousness and sovereign selves in the here and now – and across hundreds of past lifetimes remains sketchy at best.   We’ve got to get down and dirty with our individual consciousness.  We’ve got to own it all.  If we do not, we will not evolve but continue to repeat the same scenarios over and over again, perpetuating suffering and karma.  If we are able to accomplish this true ownership of self and to then unite our consciousness we will be able to access our individual unknown trajectories and by extension, the new territory and new worlds waiting to be discovered and shared by all.

It is time to step out of the past ways of thinking and feeling.  Time to leave behind the dispassionate observer.  It’s time to participate.  Time to claim your sovereign self.    Where do Aquarius and Leo fall within your chart?  You may not have any planets in those houses but you’ve still got juice flowing there. The planets are stacked up in Aquarius.  What will this eclipse bring to consciousness/ help you to release?  Are you ready to heal the collective and personal wounds you’ve been confronting again and again across lifetimes?  Are you ready to go spelunking in the caves of your past-life consciousness and bring the gold you stashed there lifetimes ago back to the surface?  If we all do this we can really share and share alike – from a much deeper and more profound understanding of who we really are (Leo requirement).  And then we can really do the work of Aquarius which is:  To join together to push humanity and all beings everywhere forward.  TO EVOLVE!   Tonight’s the night.  And it’s a good night to start if you haven’t already.