Leo Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse – February 10 – 11, 2017

Leo Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse – February 10 – 11, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 22 degrees, 28 minutes Leo at 4:32 pm PST on February 10, and at 12:32 am GMT, on February 11, 2017.  The Moon widely conjuncts her own North Node (out-of-sign at 03 degrees Virgo), causing the Lunar eclipse to be considered “Penumbral”.  This means that the Moon becomes completely immersed in the partial shadow of the cone of the Earth (aka the Penumbra) rather than being totally immersed in the area of the Earth’s complete shadow (aka the Umbra).  So this eclipse will be subtle and perhaps easily missed by the casual observer.  The Moon will appear possibly less bright than usual.  There will be nothing visually dramatic about this eclipse.  The drama is in the feeling of the thing.

That is not to say that the energy surrounding the eclipse will be slightly less bright or somehow dulled.  To the contrary this lunar eclipse, though visually unremarkable, holds significant and powerful force. The penumbra may not be total darkness but it is a place of potential calm and privacy.  Leo, ruled by the Sun is the sign of the sovereign self.  The Sun shines at full strength 100% of the time.  All light.  All the time.  The Moon receives this light and reflects it back to earth during the hours when parts of the Earth face away from the Sun.  The two luminaries are linked in light and in consciousness.  They convey and fix information in time and space.  The Moon presides over your emotional body, your feelings of security and well-being.  It’s time to look into the corners of your consciousness.  Sweep away the cobwebs of fear and dread.  This lunar eclipse will give us just enough light and the privacy to review just what’s rattling in those corners that have been collecting detritus for the last 20 years.

Our purpose at this Full Moon is to evaluate, eliminate, and empower.  Eclipses are sharp shocks to the system.  It’s an abrupt interruption of the ceaseless flow of information flowing out from the luminaries and down to us. It is time to empty out.  We might as well pretend we’re moving because metaphorically and perhaps even physically – we will be doing just that.  This is a no foolin’-around time to be completely honest and unsentimental about what you know is ready to go.  Please be ruthless in your assessment.  Please, please, please.  We’ve got to learn to travel light.  In order to be “light” – we literally have to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually light – refined, essential, stripped down to the most perfect form possible in this moment – and the next moment, and the next….

We must search our hearts and examine our spines.  We must insure that our stamina and structures are sturdy, synchronized, evenly matched, and equal to the tasks we have before us.  Leo rules the heart and its corresponding pulmonary system, the body’s metabolism and the physical spine.  Aquarius rules the lower legs, shins, ankles, the body’s circulatory system, the breath, and eyesight.  Examine your relationship to your body.  If we cannot feel and trust the regularity of our own physical heartbeat, breath, and structural balance; we have work to do.  The Full Moon in Leo requires us to inspect this structure that we call “Our Self” and to love and respect it from the very center of our being – and if need be, make necessary repairs and adjustments.  This is a critical part of the way forward.  The truth of your heart’s emanation, the quality of your breath,  and your physical road-worthiness will determine your ability to see and to make clear and very possibly quick decisions in the coming times.

Venus and Mars are currently conjunct.  Uranus and the asteroid Eris, Goddess of Discord in Aries, are opposite Jupiter in Libra and square to Pluto in Capricorn.  Uranus is trine Saturn in Sagittarius and tonight’s Full Moon in Leo.  You know the old saying:  “You can’t start a fire without a spark.”   That’s a big spark and a lot of Fire and Cardinal energy in the sky.  So if you’re feeling a bit wildly and weirdly energized in the middle of all this … now you know why!

We’re at the end of a cycle. A big one.  A couple of big ones, actually.  This is the revolution we’ve been waiting for.  This is not the revolution we ordered or asked for.  But it is the revolution we’re getting.  And it’s too late to send it back.  This eclipse releases the old broken heart, the old spineless spine, and the useless empty gestures of concern with no action.  Even if we find ourselves wanting to turn back; we’ll find that the bridge has been blown up.  Or perhaps more to the point – the bridge we thought was there never really existed at all. The time between tonight’s eclipse and the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26 is super fertile.  And I mean that in every sense of the word.  We’re laying the template for something totally new.  It starts now.  We have no idea what it looks like really… But one thing’s for sure.  We ain’t going back!  Nope – no way, no how.