Leo Full Moon – January 28, 2021

Leo Full Moon – January 28, 2021

Tonight’s Full Moon in Leo is exact at 11:16 am PST, and at 7:16 pm GMT for those of you in Europe. Leo is the sign of the King/Ruler and is ruled by the Sun. It’s always interesting to see what the Moon does in the Sun’s sign (and conversely, what the Sun does in the Moon’s sign – put that’s a commentary for another day). The Moon is making a lot of contacts this day – most of them are squares and oppositions, with one lonely trine to Chiron in Aries. It’s no secret that we are moving through an enormous transformation and paradigm shift. The hard aspects of squares and oppositions reinforce the imperative for massive change. These changes will take place between now (actually 2020) and 2024. There is no quibbling with an opposition or a square. These geometric signatures are bones of our existence, defining our “Cross of Matter” and our spirits, thoughts, creations, and civilization.

We have shifted our energies into the forward-looking sign of Aquarius, leaving both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn at 25 degrees for the time being. The Capricorn powerhouse is almost done for now. All the planets are direct tonight – and given that it has rarely been the case in recent memory – it’s something to be glad about. Now is the time to make way for Aquarian energies.

The Sun is conjunct both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Of course, the Moon is opposite the Sun as this is how she receives her light. At the same time she can’t help but oppose Saturn and Jupiter. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020 was a line of departure once and for all from the previous paradigm. We were catapulted from the Earth signs into the rarified territory of the Air signs where creature comforts and possessions are very secondary to ideas, innovation, information and individuation. The emphasis going forward will be on progress, creation, and collaboration. This will continue and strengthen these energies every time a new planet aspects one of the members of the Aquarian stellium – breaking down old habits, patterns, and beliefs.
The Leo Full Moon shines bright and bold. Leo lives from the center of its being and shines with the same unwavering intensity despite hard times, adversity and threats of extinction. The Sun shines 100% – 1000% of the time. Depend on it. Leo is associated with the physical heart and spine. The sign’s animal is the Lion. And yes, they are Lion-hearted – the essence of “Le Coeur du Lion”.

There is some residual resistance from Uranus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus (another fixed sign as they square both tonight’s Full Moon in Leo and the Aquarian stellium in the 11th. house. On of the signatures of this shift is the Saturn-Uranus square which will cause some commotion and require adjustments. But this resistance will be fairly short-lived. Uranus and Saturn have different methods but don’t often argue about the end result. Aquarius is the reformer and Saturn is the enforcer. They manage to work it out. Five planets move through Aquarius from February 1st -18th (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) It’s a biggie!

Jupiter conjuncts the Sun during the peak of this full moon lending optimism and expansive energy to the winds of change. Venus and Pluto are conjunct at 25 Capricorn spotlighting how we deal with our relationship to power and authority. Venus will enter Aquarius on February 1st, conjuncting Saturn on February 5 and squaring Uranus on February 6. It seems that she’s making visiting everyone on the Aquarius board of directors – doing a little PR, schmoozing, and campaigning for changes and equitable realignment.

Mercury will begin his first retrograde of the year on January 30 at 26degrees 29 minutes Aquarius, turning direct on February 20 at 11 deg/01 min Aquarius. He will regain his degree of retrograde (29 deg Aquarius) on March 12. He’s staying extra long in Aquarius this year (January 8 to March 15), giving us extra time and opportunity to contemplate our agenda and reassess our position.

These are interesting times – to say the least. They are empty to the eye but brimming with possibility and promise of the next sea change that waits for us. We see the beach, the waves, the foam and the creatures that live and play at and on the water. But what do we know of the horizon? What do we feel from that line at the bottom of the sky that links us with all that is above and all that exists below. We are all about to find out.