Leo Full Moon – February 14, 2014

Leo Full Moon – February 14, 2104


The Full Moon forms at 26 degrees, 12 minutes Leo, at 3:53 pm PST on February 14, 2014.  Valentine’s Day!  Leo rules the physical heart, the back, and the spine, among other things.  What could be more perfect than having the Lion and Lioness rule the day?  Leo’s ruler is the Sun.  Leo can play the selfish tyrant as well as the beneficent ruler.  But ultimately the sign is concerned with the perfection of the sovereign self and this means that the self must embody and embrace darkness and light in equal measure.  This Full Moon in Leo, fully illuminated by the Sun in Aquarius exposes the depth and breadth of love necessary to make the journey from embodied personal self (Leo) to the full emanation of the transpersonal universal self (Aquarius).


But we’ve got a Mercury retrograde going on haven’t we?  And it’s a combo platter.  We started out with a bit of Mercury in Pisces on February 3.  Very otherworldly.  There’s nothing like having your brain flooded – thinking underwater – or trying to.  On February 13 we downshift back into Aquarius for the second half of the retrograde period.  A little of this – a little of that…  The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Aquarius at this Full Moon and although Mercury is retrograde this will signal a more forward-looking turn of mind than we might expect.  Aquarius, ruled by Uranus is practically incapable of looking backward.  The tendency will be to concentrate on the current situation, rectifying it in order to move ahead.  There won’t be any reminiscing and yearning for the good old days.  Aquarius wants none of that!


It’s been a bad patch for electronic media.  I don’t want to go so far as to say the retrograde in Aquarius will make things easier.  It just won’t make them any more difficult.  So far I’ve had crazy – glitchy phone behavior, a computer virus, weird banking online fiascos and strange computations in my astrology software.  All of these things have righted themselves – some with professional help and some with spontaneous “self healing”.  Mercury stations direct on February 28, just in time to say good bye to our shortest month.


Next week the Lunar Nodes will leave the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio and move into the cardinal signs of Aries- Libra.  This transit will take approximately 18 months.   They join the already invigorated Cardinal Axis.  Remember; we’re not done with the Uranus – Pluto squares, Venus’s transit of Capricorn, Mars’ tenancy in Libra or Jupiter’s year-long visit to Cancer.   The emphasis is on initiation and action.  WAGONS HO!!!!  The addition of the Nodes to the lineup just ups the ante.  Use the innovative energies of Mercury in Aquarius to get your agendas sorted.  Clear the mental decks and prepare to move full speed ahead.  Saturn in Scorpio squares the Sun and Mercury now.  He urges us to make necessary adjustments in our modus operandi.  The Cardinal Cross has not released – just loosened a bit.  Don’t mistake this feeling of extra space for a reprieve.  It will tighten up and become exact again in mid – April.   PS and by the way – we’ll be having eclipses in April during this configuration.  Plan your wardrobe accordingly.


Enjoy this magnanimous Leo Full Moon.  Embrace your loved ones.  This is the perfect day to be playful.  Roar like the Lion and purr like a kitten.  Leo’s love to love.  So go ahead; share the love!  And don’t forget to love yourself while you’re at it!