Gemini New Moon

Gemini New Moon – May 25, 2017

The New Moon forms at 04 degrees, 46 minutes Gemini on May 25, 2017, at 12:44 pm PDT.  It seems like more than two weeks since the Full Moon doesn’t it?  The shift into Gemini has been profound.  It always is.  Where the Taurus/Scorpio polarity is fixed, steady, almost mono-syllabic, and slow; the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is mutable, highly variable, quick, fast and extremely talkative.  Verrry different energies to be sure.

Gemini, is hell-bent on communication.  He wants to talk.  He wants to talk to you.  And to that person over there, and to anyone really.  He values language and conversation.  Gemini is interested in everything and everyone.  He is truly democratic with regard to the ideas he will entertain.  No hierarchies here.  Truth and lies are all relative to Gemini.  Information is king and there is no such thing as “bad information” – because all information is potentially useful, not to mention entertaining in one way or another.  His knowledge is broad but not terribly deep (unless other planetary placements indicate otherwise).  He knows that there are infinite ways to view any situation – anything, anyone.  Perception is everything.  What you see depends on where you stand and how you look.  Oh and don’t forget – Gemini is the sign of the twins.  With Gemini you’re getting a twofer.

The air seems different now that we have entered an Air sign.  Everything is lighter, faster, more spacious, brighter, less fraught with anxiety, but strangely sparse.  Gemini travels light and moves quickly.  The sign is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods.  Mercury alone is able to traverse the Heavens, Earth, and Underworld with impunity.  His greatest strengths are his flexibility, non-judgement, and ability to quickly assimilate into whatever “now” is occurring.  Gemini experiences each moment as direct distinct energy and information.  This is a lightning fast process.  No one can process like a Gemini.  And no one can let go of extraneous or no longer pertinent information with greater speed.

We are experiencing this rapid transmission of data now.  It feels lush and dense.  It also feels sparse and lean.  There’s the sensation of river-boarding on a fast mountain stream.  Keeping very temporary company with the forest and blue sky, the birds and creatures that live on the banks.  But there’s also a feeling of complete containment in the river – of being one with the information contained within.  It’s almost like slipping and sliding down long ribbons and sequences of information.  Always experiencing, always traveling.  It leaves one feeling that they have experienced and retained something – but not quite sure what that something is.  So at the same time that you feel you’ve had an experience it’s difficult to say what that experience was.

This new information delivery system is going to take a little getting used to.  Calibrating our personal responses to this new presentation will be an individual thing.  The Nodes of the Moon are now in the Aquarius/Leo polarity.  The Leo North Node insists that we become our fully sovereign selves.  Recognizing our personal dominion, and cultivating a true sense of self-awareness/ consciousness/ presence and self-responsibility is critical.   Personal empowerment and acceptance of responsibility for ones thoughts, feelings and actions will lead us to back to unity consciousness.   The revolutionary ways of the last four (and more) centuries will be abandoned.  There will be no destructive revolutions but rather peaceful evolutions and transformation.  Others will not be seen as a threat.  Each person will be a complete expression of self.  This self will join with others of like kind to lead us away from the chaos of endless war, suspicion, and resentment.

A Venus- Pluto square at this New Moon brings a crisis in relationship and power.  Given the implications of the directive of the Leo North Node, I might say that the Lion’s share of these relationship problems are with one’s self.  And of course what’s left over is with other people and entities – especially financial entities.  Venus continues to oppose Jupiter although she is separating.  This opposition highlights the differences between broad philosophies and individual values.  It’s time to reconfigure our priorities.

By Saturday, the Moon will be in Cancer.  This is a good time to rest and take stock of what’s been happening and how you actually feel about it.  Saturn is opposite Mars indicating that it’s time to integrate structure with desire and to cultivate flexibility at both ends of the spectrum.  Saturn needs to relax his grip on procedure.  Mars needs to take a cold shower and get a grip.  Probably best if these two save their summit talks for another weekend and retire to their respective corners.  These two last met as a conjunction in late August of last year at 10 degrees Sagittarius.  What was going on for you then around desire and structure?

New realities call for new leaders and new leadership models.  There is so much bubbling and swooshing around this New Moon.  Where are you going and how will you lead?  Imagine a team of equals sharing power and philosophies to push humanity forward.  Each must lead him or herself before they can lead others.  Look to your sovereign self.  You are bigger than you know.  This is the beginning.  And so we begin again.