Gemini New Moon – May 28, 2014

Gemini New Moon – May 28, 2014


The New Moon forms at 7 degrees, 21 minutes Gemini at 11:40 am PDT on May 28, 2014.  This is the first New Moon since the Solar Eclipse of April 28 – 29 which marked the formal release of April’s Grand Cross.  As the direct impact of the cross continues to wane, we are awash in the Doppler effect of its passing.  And truly, we are only now beginning to see the implications of our April 2014 experiences.


What better time to integrate?  Gemini is the first air sign as well as the first mutable sign.  Air is the element of intellect, thought, perception, reason, and relationship.  The mutable signs are the translators and distributors of the zodiac, summing up each season and readying us to transition to the next phase or cycle.  Gemini is uniquely qualified to gather, sort, and disseminate information, and to do so with shocking neutrality.  Ruled by Mercury and personified by the god Hermes and the celestial twins, Castor and Pollux, Gemini is known as the messenger of the Gods.  He alone can traverse the world from the heights of Olympus to the depths of the Underworld.  He is the eternal restless traveler, belong to no specific time or place.  Jupiter, King of the Gods, cannot visit his brother Pluto in the Underworld.  He must send his messenger Mercury in order to communicate.  Likewise, Pluto may not leave the Underworld and must communicate with any and all who dwell above ground through Mercury.   But Mercury is also known the “Trickster”.  He dabbles in magic, sorcery, and alchemy, is a mischief-maker and cause of confusion – deliberate and accidental, and yet, is one who provides good fortune for those at a crossroads, as well as assistance to those in need of quick solutions.  He is forever young, mutable, lively, engaged and engaging but also here today and gone tomorrow.


The Moon in Gemini is not deep.  The Moon carries memory, sentiment and emotion.  But in Gemini it is her awakened mind, curiosity, communication skill, ineffable neutrality, and ability to see multiple realities while embracing knowledge for knowledge’s sake that shine.  These qualities will guide us during this period of integration and assimilation.  We will need a new approach and a wide open mind to embrace the changes brought about by April’s Grand Cross.  We would be hard pressed to find a better traveling companion than Gemini.


Mercury will be turning retrograde for the second time this year on June 7.  Review, rethink, re-organize, and most especially – re-invent.  This retrograde period which end on July 1 will provide a much needed slowdown –  a time to carefully consider the events of Spring 2014 and to envision a way forward.  We need to restructure our thoughts and our thought patterns.  There is much debris that has not yet been cleared from our psyches.  These next three weeks will be an excellent time to sort through what’s viable and what has outlived its usefulness.  This is not so much a case of actual object, but rather of ideas, ideologies, and perceptions of reality that no longer apply.


Mercury himself will be in Cancer for most of the retrograde period.  This might lead to emotional thinking.  It might start tot seem like a good idea to hang onto those old ways of thinking and doing for just a little bit longer – because, after all, it so inconvenient to change things now – I mean we just went through that BIG THING in April and all… I mean shouldn’t I have a little rest before start thinking about integrating or making changes?  I just don’t know…Please!  Stop!  Resist that temptation with every fiber of your being!  Just remember – Mercury IS a Trickster.  Don’t let him play a trick on you!!!  Use this time to restructure.


Just for extra emphasis, both Mercury and Venus are at 29 degrees at this New Moon.  Mercury is in Gemini and Venus is in Aries.  The 29th degree of any sign is considered to be a “critical” degree.  It is where the energies and spiritual lessons of that sign are completed and release.  Mercury in Gemini relates to our perceptions of reality and our ability to communicate.  Venus in Aries challenges us to individuate and to act with courage and conviction to defend our most deeply held values and to epitomize love in action.


Every new moon is a new cycle.  But don’t be deceived by the relative calm of this New Moon in Gemini.  This is the beginning of a cycle that’s much bigger, longer and stronger than a moon cycle.  The days and nights are warming.  The evenings are long and light.  Look to the translation from spring to summer.  It’s just ahead.  Happy New Moon!