Gemini New Moon – June 4-5, 2016

Gemini New Moon – June 4-5, 2016

The New Moon forms at 13 degrees, 53 minutes, Gemini at 7:59 pm PDT, on June 4 and at 2:59 am GMT, on June 5, 2016.  This New Moon joins and activates a Mutable Grand Cross involving Sun, Moon, and Venus conjunct in Gemini, Jupiter and the North Node conjunct in Virgo, Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces.  This alignment has been looming on the horizon, and giving us small tastes of what it will be ushering in.  The Mutable signs have been asserting their energies by means of the T square of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune that has been tightening and releasing over the last six to nine or so months.  The entry of the Sun, Venus and the New Moon into Gemini in opposition to Saturn, the apex planet of this configuration, and square to Neptune and Jupiter creates and fully activates the Mutable Grand Cross.  So, what does this mean?

First, we must understand what is meant by mutable or mutability.  Mutability implies a state of constant change.  The Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces oversee the transition of the seasons.  As such they are subject to a wide variety of “conditions” and “states of being”.  They are the synthesizers, translators, and distributers of information.  They finish and translate what was inspired and initiated by the Cardinal signs and then tended and brought to fruition by the Fixed signs.  I’m sure you all recall the five year marathon that was the Cardinal Grand Cross. Yes? That was definitely an initiation!   Well now we’re doing the Fixed and Mutable energies together.  Remember the interesting Venus retrograde in Leo of Summer 2015.  Don’t discount the current Mars retrograde in Scorpio – (really – ignore this at your peril).  Obviously, we are getting the message that we need to quicken our step.

Additionally, the Mutable signs have the ability to modulate their perceptual capabilities.  They can dial it in with amazing accuracy or they can allow themselves to become deliberately diffuse in an effort to perceive situations from another vantage point – and everything in between.  They’re the true believers and perceivers.  They innately understand that everything – all of it – is constantly, endlessly in motion.  All of it is subject to change.  This is not to say that mutability doesn’t or won’t have preferences or entrenched belief systems.  At a very basic level, however, they understand change in a profound almost wordless way and have a proclivity for it.

This New Moon ignites the Mutable Grand Cross.  This Gemini New Moon is the master of impartially collected and just as impartially distributed information.  Gemini is the messenger.  The messenger simply reports and advises you to keep your eyes, ears, and options open.  There is no story attached to the information brought by the messenger.  He’s got no stake in what you take from his enormous store of facts and fictions – information.  This is not a time to rely on the past experience, received knowledge, or habitual assumptions.  This is a time to allow your perceptions to widen and relax while at the same time holding your focus in the current moment.  What is present?  What is true now?

Venus had disappeared behind the Sun.  She has gone to the Underworld.  This is the journey of Innana, the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, known as the Lady of Heaven, who descended to the Underworld to be with her sister, Ereshkagel, as she mourned the death of her husband.  Her ancient story is connected to the movements of Venus.  Venus is visible to us as both a morning and evening star, disappearing into the “underworld” in the interval between her two appearances.  She leaves our vision as the Morning star, visible in the East before sunrise, appearing later as an Evening star as she sets in the West after sunset.  Inanna’s journey through the underworld is a harrowing story of loss, dishonor, disgrace, total vulnerability, death, and finally resurrection and reemergence as she faces the grief, wrath, and hopeless despair of her sister who is trapped in the Underworld.  Inanna’s association to Venus reflects her dual role as a goddess of both love and warfare as well reflecting her journey from maidenhood (morning star) to wise woman (evening star).  We are journeying with Inannna/Venus at this time.  She is consumed with her journey through the fires of the Sun and the heat of the underworld of loss, grief, anger, sorrow, powerlessness, and most of all, the illusions she held so dear that prevented her from seeing the truths of her actual life in the world above.   This is deeply feminine work to be done by each of us – male and female.   Venus will return to the evening sky in early to mid-July.  Her position with the Sun and New Moon on the Mutable Grand Cross, is critical.  The Sun, Moon and Venus move quickly in and then out of the Cross opposite the apex planet of this configuration,  Saturn in Sagittarius, whose real work here is to direct us toward the actual truth of our individual and collective situations.  He’s doing this by stripping us of our distractions, illusions, and crutches as he squares Neptune and Jupiter, both of whom share a taste for expansion, dissolution, and illusion.  The Moon moves very quickly.  She’s here and then she’s moved on.  Venus and Sun stick around for a few days to contribute Illumination and Love to the Grand Cross.  Gemini, however isn’t one to hang about – so it’s a quick and bright but totally unforgettable burst of Love and Light that will carry us across the summer and into the fall.

As Venus and Sun leave the scene, the Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune T square remains in force.   The square to Jupiter is the waning square.  This is a 20 year cycle.  Jupiter and Saturn were last conjunct in 2000, in Taurus.  They will join up again in 2020 in Capricorn and that, along with Pluto in Capricorn will be some serious business, let me tell you!  That and the current Mars retrograde back into Scorpio is a powerful reminder to decide what really needs to be left behind – for real and all this time.  It’s frightening to face what seems like too much loss. (Remember Inanna?)  We wonder, incredulously, “Haven’t I “lost” enough?”  Maybe not.  Maybe I need to surrender even more.  Maybe it’s time to face the final Fear Frontier.   Mars in Scorpio does not fuck around.  And Saturn wants to know:  What DO you want?  What DON”T you want?  Are you being true to yourself – or aren’t you?  Are you laboring under a misconception, illusion or wandering around in your own personal mirage?  It’s just about that simple.  But actually – not so simple.  Yeah – that’s where we’re at.  There’s a karmic thread to events of four years ago – 2012.  It will require deep courage to face what cannot be ignored any longer.

New Moons don’t generally get the love and attention of the showier Full Moons.  This one however is a real watershed.  I mean a no-fooling-around-intention-setting and action generating New Moon.  New Moon darkness is the time for conception.  Fertility is at its peak.  Now is the time to journey back to true self – to connect Venus and Mars and to seed a new truth that will carry you in all your vulnerability and raw truth into and through this next transition/transformation.  I’m not big on quotes but I feel that this one fits:  “Surrender is the inner acceptance of what is without any reservation.  Surrender does not transform the world, at least not directly.  Surrender transforms you.  When you are transformed your world is transformed.  Because the world is only a reflection.”  Eckhart Tolle.   Use this New Moon like your life depends on it.  Respect the mystery and deep potential of darkness.

We’ll see each other in the brightness of the second awesome Sagittarian Full Moon of the year and compare notes, shall we?   Won’t we have tales to tell?