Gemini New Moon – June 3, 2019

Gemini New Moon – June 3, 2019
Tonight’s New Moon forms at 12 degrees, 33 minutes of Gemini at 3:01 am PDT and 10:01 am GMT. She is still in darkness but she is really ready to begin a new cycle. It’s time to rethink and re-design our trajectory both personally and as a species. A new cycle has been initiated. Each of us needs a brand new script.

The time for getting the bones of this script ready for production is pretty short – so I hope you’re ready to go. This project will require you to jettison a lot of comfy old shoes, outdated clothing, same-old haircuts, books you never read and don’t intend to read, ideas that have outlived their usefulness, people that drain your energy, sad stories that pinch and torture the edges of your imagination and remind you of a past that was painful but is now GONE-GONE-GONE, and all the second-hand and received knowledge, morals, rules, and regulations that simply don’t apply to you anymore. That’s just the beginning – but that’s enough for now.

The window for first drafts closes on July 2, 2019. That’s the date of the Cancer Total Solar Eclipse which will be followed on July 16 by a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse. Yes, we’re headed into eclipse season. You’re going to want to have this new narrative fleshed out and ready to roll by Annular Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019.

This month will be dominated by the T-Square formed by Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune. Jupiter in Sagittarius is opposite Mercury in Gemini. Neptune in Pisces (where he’s been for a long time now) is square (90 degrees apart) to both Jupiter and Mercury. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces – so although there is a square in effect, there is also the opportunity for resonance and strengthening of the qualities of each of these signs. All three planets are in their home signs. This hasn’t happened for a very long time! So there could be some very expansive thinking as well as very fuzzy and even delusional thinking going on this month. But there could also be some very wise and deep thinking about social and spiritual matters. It’s a time to redesign. Spin the wheel and see what comes up.

Mercury will continue to act as referee – while he’s able; but he will be seeing a lot of action between now and July 7th. He will station retrograde on June 10th then turn direct nine days later retrograding again on June 25th, and finally stationing direct on August 2nd. He moves into Cancer on June 5th.
He’ll be more emotional there. And this is a weird back and forth journey for him. So don’t depend on him to make this any easier. And remember, he tends to tire of things quite easily. He will however, give you an accurate blow by blow account if you ask for one. But remember: Don’t shoot the messenger.

The Jupiter/Neptune square provides us with the perfect opportunity to adjust our narrative. There will be a lot of synchronicities and ah-ha moments this month. Pay attention to these when they hit. This configuration looks back to the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in 2009. How far have you come since then? What is the next chapter you want to write? Surrender to your deep knowing of what to do next.

Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto are traveling together in Capricorn. And we all know that Jupiter will join them in 2020. Tonight’s new moon is here to help you recognize the truth of what it will mean to move forward into 2020 and beyond. It won’t be the same. It will require us to genuinely transform our ways of being in this world. It will be deep and pervasive. Your success depends on your willingness to release, reform, and almost completely re-design. You will be healing the collective consciousness as well as yourself. You will be surveying and marking the path to the future for the generations yet to come.

This next month can reset the tone and narrative for the next year at the very least and for the rest of your time here on planet Earth at the very best. Listen to the truth of what’s really going on. The time between now and the July 2 eclipse is about as neutral and wide open as it’s going to get. It’s a clear spot – so take advantage, spread out, and do the work. Now is the time.