Gemini New Moon – June 16, 2015

Gemini New Moon – June 16, 2015

The New Moon forms at 25 degrees 07 minutes Gemini at 7:05 am PDT on June 16, 2015.  The New Moon activates the energies of the sign it occupies.  Gemini is the sign most concerned with information is all of its pure forms.  The sign does not interfere with the “meaning” or potential consequence of information or energy, it simply collects, assembles and transmits its findings.  It really doesn’t have a horse in the race but rather enjoys the infinite possibilities presented by the infinite and unique situations it encounters.  Gemini is strictly amoral in all the best ways – and possibly some of the more unseemly ones too.

Gemini loves company and being where the action is and this moon is rather heavily aspected in addition to being smack dab in the middle of a lot of heavy weather from other planetary combinations.  The New Moon in Gemini is conjunct feisty militant Mars providing impetus to move forward full speed ahead.  Sun, Moon, and Mars are also in opposition to the asteroid Pallas Athena in Sagittarius, who is also trine Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and Leo respectively.  Talk about fire-power!  Grand trine in Fire anyone?  She is the goddess of wisdom and justice as well as the patroness of the arts and government.  She is an aspect of the wise and militant feminine.  She is Jupiter’s daughter, springing fully formed from his head.  In Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, she is especially dignified.  She sees the big picture and brings clarity to the combustible and potentially restless and disorganized situation taking place between the Sun, Moon, and Mars.  Good thing too!  The wisdom of Athena in Sag is that of the wise woman or shaman.  She heals through the great depth of her knowledge and experience.  She is a defender of truth and justice and a true believer in her chosen ideology.  She is not averse to shaking things up, speaking her mind, and telling you where to get off if need be.  Mars, the mighty warrior will be getting his marching orders from Pallas Athena and the Moon this season.  And he damn well better pay attention.

It is important that in the midst of all this we remain mindful of the thoughts we think, hold, and transmit. Our so-called reality isn’t rolling along in its usual way anymore.  This is nothing to be frighten of or concerned about.  The old ideas and ways of experiencing our lives, the linearity of events, time, distance, and physicality are being stripped away.  It’s not a gradual thing anymore.  It’s time to experience the world with new eyes, new mind, and new skills. The Moon in Gemini can be a bit scattered mentally:  worried, fretful, and indecisive.  Just know that you are a powerful transmitter. Pessimism, sarcasm, cynicism, and general negativity don’t necessarily have to be replaced with mindless positivity and giddy optimism but they can be supplanted by clear observation and neutral reflection.  And all this will go a long way toward understanding the new energies that are being ushered in now.

Saturn is currently at 29 degrees Scorpio.  He is retrograde.  He will retrace the final degrees of Scorpio this summer and early fall before leaving the sign for another 29 years.  Some say that when a planet retrogrades back into a sign it produces its most profound effects.  Saturn in Scorpio is not fooling around.  He’s coming back to clear up the unfinished business of 2012 through the end of 2014.  If you have questions or suspicions and feel the need to investigate anything – now is the time!  This is especially true if you have irrational fears and distrust.  Saturn requires that we face the truth of situations.  Scorpio has the energy and desire to penetrate mysteries and taboos, moving relentlessly in pursuit of the truth of horrific and shocking memories of events, shadows and circumstances.  Saturn in Scorpio definitely has the stomach for this work.  If you’ve got loose ends dangling in these areas– finish the job this summer.  We won’t have this opportunity again for another 27 years.  Saturn will return to Sagittarius on September 17.  In the meantime, expect to be nudged in that direction – in fact, expect to be compelled to look under all your personal rocks to see what crawls out!  This unearthing and clearing is necessary.  It’s part and parcel of the mental and emotional hygiene that is going to be so important in the months to come.  Do the work.  Clear it out.

Venus is in Leo.  She will be in Leo until October 9.  There will be a retrograde.  So the coming season will be a big review.  It’s necessary that we cultivate clarity as we move forward.  What and who do you value above all else?  Again- echoing the process that is going on under the surface with Saturn in Scorpio; the Venus in Leo process will be taking place above ground and in full view of everyone.  Neptune in Pisces is not going to make this easier.  He’s the higher octave of Venus – but he doesn’t have her fine sense of discrimination and discernment.  Leo is the sign of the sovereign self, ruled by the Sun – the solar self.  It has dominion over the physical human heart and spine.  What feeds and satisfies your heart?  How is your world organized and supported.  And most importantly how is the synergy between these two things?  A house or a human divided against itself cannot stand.   Venus in Leo encourages integration with love – especially love of self – all the bits you’ve claimed for yourself.  All the bits worth keeping.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.  The Solstice occurs on June 21, at 9:39am PDT and 5:37 pm in the UK.  Summer will begin.  The Southern hemisphere will experience the solstice as the start of winter.  We have an enormous opportunity over the coming season to evolve, deepen and amplify our relationship to physical reality.  By clearing and refining our relationship to the physical plane we will increase our capacity for heightened perception and increased knowledge.  But the dross must be recognized and released.  Unbounded freedom can be ours if we do the work with a willing and loving heart and a strong flexible spine.  Our actions increase not only our own awareness but the consciousness of all beings.  Have an unusual and evolutionary summer!