Gemini New Moon – June 13, 2018

Gemini New Moon – June 13, 2018

The New Moon forms at 22 degrees 44 minutes Gemini on June 13, 2019 at 12:43 pm PDT and 7:43 pm GMT.  Tonight’s moon is the first of three consecutive new moons that will be at perigee, (the moon’s closest approach to Earth).  The next two New Moons will be eclipses as well as SuperMoons.  This will put extra energy on the Earth’s tides, electromagnetic fields and tectonic plates.  And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s increasingly affecting our consciousness too!

There’s a deep tug pulling at the tides and energy fields within us.  We are creatures of this earth and we are, one by one, becoming supersensitive to her rhythms and variations.  There’s so much going on.  And there’s too much to think about.  The run up to the eclipses will set the stage for major endings and new beginnings.  This new moon in Gemini is critical.  The intention that you set tonight will carry you through the summer and into the fall.  Gemini moves quickly and is able to examine and process information from a neutral stance.  All information is good information to a Gemini.  Some of it might be useful, some might be merely entertaining, some might be false, and some might be pure speculation.  Gemini doesn’t really care.  We are slowing learning to ride the waves in the ocean of the collective consciousness.  The water signs carry the emotion of this consciousness.  The air signs carry the intellect.  The earth signs carry the practical physical reality of our being, and the fire signs carry the inspiration and innovation that allows us to ride.  It’s a good mix.

Mars will be retrograde this year from June 26 to August 28.  He has been in shadow since May 12 and will not return to the degree of his retrograde until October 8.  This happens about every two years.  Since his entry into Aquarius, he has been squaring Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio as well as conjuncting the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius.  This is a fractious but somewhat sympathetic aspect because Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.  He’s very unpredictable as is Mars.  All three planets and the nodes are active, but all their placements are in fixed signs causing them to stall and become stubborn, annoyed, and inpatient as they are forced to examine their trajectories, make sense of them, and move forward.

And so it is with us. Our individual old ways of doing things have to be examined.  I’d venture to say that everyone is nodding their heads at this point. Yep – things have got to change!!!!   Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen overnight and it’s going to take some consideration and actual planning. So don’t get all crazy and pissed off when things don’t happen immediately. (Yes, note to self!) Fortunately, there will be quite a lot of psychic information available this summer during this New Moon and the following lunations/eclipses.  So take it easy and take it slow but DO tune in and take advantage of the energy!

It’s an unsettled and unstable time. We are all feeling the effects of potential but unknown change and the inherent instability of these times.  Everything is changing very quickly – often at levels that can’t be seen with our eyes but that are keenly felt in our consciousness and in our bodies.  As yet, we have little that we can actually point to and officially declare as change.  But it’s coming and we can all feel it.  Many who feel the tension of this time are tempted to feel disempowered.  Practice meditation, yoga, centering, caring for others –  anything that keeps your attention in the now.  This summer will be a time of transition.  The Summer Solstice on June 21 will be another opportunity to tune in for downloads, and to refine and reset intentions.  Remember who you are and where you’re going.  We’re moving fast.