Gemini New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse – June 10, 2021

Gemini New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse – June 10, 2021


We are at the edge of finishing our first set of eclipses for 2021. They come in sets of two spaced out at six-month intervals.  Things end and begin again during eclipses.  Light encodes information. An eclipse is an interruption of our regular expectations of light and darkness. The knowledge inherent in each eclipse is encoded and transmitted via the absence or presence of light. Eclipses do not transmit their information directly or in a predictable fashion. The message is delivered universally, infusing each individual being while at the same time suffusing the planet and all its inhabitants with a sense of knowing what they need to know to move forward.


This is an Annular Solar North Node eclipse. It’s focused on the future.  The Sun’s light will be blocked by the Moon leaving a glowing corona or “ring of fire” completely surrounding the Sun.   During a solar eclipse, the Moon momentarily blocks the normal flow of solar radiation, destabilizing existing configurations and reorganizing consciousness at a higher level. The amplified pulls of the Sun and the Moon affects the electromagnetic flow in our bodies, altering neural pathways and trigger points. As these old pathways dissolve new paths open. Solar eclipses often coincide with major endings and beginnings, occurring close to the same degree every 19 years.  There was a solar eclipse on June 10, 2002 at 19 degrees, 52 minutes Gemini. Today’s eclipse is at 19 degrees 47 minutes. What was happening on June 10, 2002? What is completing now? Where are we going from this moment?


Earth is currently moving through the Photon Belt. According to Barbara Hand Clow and others, we are moving into a zone in space that is a band of photon energy. We move into this band for about 2000 years. This event happens every 11,000 – 12,000 years. The Photon Belt is a spiral formation that our galaxy passes through as it goes around its orbit of the Galactic Center. It is said that this journey will create a “quickening and advancement in consciousness”, widening the potential bandwidth of frequency for humanity and all inhabitants of Earth.  As we become lighter and more energetic in the body, our frequencies and abilities will evolve in a quantum and less linear fashion. I’m definitely looking forward to more of that!!!


Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will be Cazimi during this eclipse as he heads into the heart of the Sun. He is the host of the Sun and as such he is protected as he drives his chariot into the Sun to great him. Mercury gains access to information, resources, and messages as he moves into a higher vibrational state of being and action. He is spiritualized and alchemized by this eclipse.


Neptune squares the Sun, Moon, and Mercury at this eclipse, reiterating the cosmic message to shift from the habitual, limited, and outdated perceptions of our left brain and into the wisdom of our intuition and divine knowing that will enable us to arrive at a vast but unified understanding of our interconnectedness as we open to each other and to the universe. Neptune can be easily misunderstood and typified as shifty, unreliable, and shadow-y, and evasive. At the same time, he can be creative, gifted in the healing arts, psychic, helpful, sympathetic, and constructive. Give him a chance to do what he does best.


Mercury will end his second retrograde of this year on June 20. He and we will be full of new information that’s been gather over the last few weeks. Mercury will remain in square to Neptune in Pisces from May 15 to July 12 with three exact squares occurring on May 22, June 5, and July 5. The Neptune/Mercury squares will confirm that our clock-work left brain needs to check in with our generous and poetic right brain in order to process information and move forward in a balanced way.


I’m psyched to see this next eclipse. June is chock full of surprises and planetary alignments. I’m going to have to write a follow up to this because there is SOOOOOO much going on.  Ready or not – here we go! Time to turn and face the changes.


And as Bob Dylan once said – “Don’t Look Back”.