Gemini Full Moon – November 25, 2015

Gemini Full Moon – November 25, 2015

The Full Moon forms at 03 degrees, 20 minutes Gemini at 2:44 pm PST on November 25, 2015. We’re in a very different place today, a week and a half after Paris.  The New Moon in Scorpio had quite a lot to say and offer.  There’s been much talk of 19 degrees Scorpio being the “accursed degree” of that sign, and indeed, two days later, it ushered in a suite of situations, ideas, and emotions that are markedly different to what we were feeling on November 11.  At that point, we celebrated the lessons of the Venus’s long passage through Leo, her retrograde and eventual arrival in Libra, one of her two signs of rulership.  And all that was important.  It clarified a lot of shadowy dark emotion.  That Scorpio New Moon left us with quite the stinger – gone but not forgotten.

In the background of November’s events the Scorpio program was running smoothly and unseen as we, above ground, focused on the positive potential of this year’s events. The last 3 years of transiting Saturn in Scorpio have been a draconian slog through the murky swamps our own skewed perceptions and preferences.  We have been required to examine and ultimately jettison many treasured habits, patterns, and yes – even people.  It has been painful.  Being disabused of one’s most cherished notions and favorite familiar sufferings is no fun – even if you are healthier and weirdly, strangely happier for it.   The journey to the underworld sponsored by Saturn and Pluto is not something we will want to remember or relive.  The information and awareness gained in the last three years is, however, invaluable and necessary for the years ahead. You now know what you know.  And knowing that – you cannot “un-know” or backslide or get lazy.  You can’t un-transform or pretend that nothing happened or say that things need to return to normal – whatever that means…

Notice that I’ve said that YOU can’t “un-know” what YOU now know – not WE, the collective. I am talking about each of us as individuals that form the collective.  Clearly, we, the collective have a great talent for un-knowing or ignoring specifics at a day to day level.   It is the specifics of the individual’s narrow daily path that lead to the wide, luscious, sun-drenched fields of unity in spirit and love.  What you bring to that field as you enter must be an uncorrupted and honest representation of your experience here on the Earth plane – your dynamic knowing and total awareness.

It’s all about perception. This Full Moon in Gemini puts the spotlight on how we know what we know, how we communicate that information, and how our ensuing perceptions create our individual and eventually collective realities.  Gemini is NOT concerned with the rightness or wrongness of information or with moral positions.  Raw data is what we’re talking about here. It’s all out there – ready for the plucking – or not.  You can only know what you know and once you know it, you can’t really un-know it – although you can choose to ignore it.   You do not know what you don’t know.  You CAN LEARN about what you don’t know now, but want to know.  The Full moon is very much on board with this line of thinking and it doesn’t really care where you fall in the spectrum of knowing or if you participate at all.  As far as Gemini is concerned this is a denouement of the wonderful world of information that’s available to all of us – all the time.  It’s up to you, the individual, to participate or not and find your place on the spectrum.  No worries for Gemini – they, the twins, will be fine either way.

Let’s add to this scenario the first of three exact Saturn-Neptune squares, occurring on November 26, at 7 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.  Now we’ve got a whole different kettle of fish – so to speak.  Sagittarius has an interesting effect on Saturn.  He takes on the Sadge/ Jupiterian qualities of idealism and truth-telling. (Never forget that Sadge is a notorious blurter of information and truth and often falls prey to the old saw “open mouth – insert foot”).  Let’s just hope that philosophically and situationally, his ideals and truths happen to agree with yours.  If not – it could be rough sledding.  Saturn is not the compromising sort.  And in this sign he will explore the structure and veracity all cultures’ great ideas, philosophies, religions, and received notions of truth.

Neptune, in the sign of his rulership, Pisces, is out there creating his own reality and truth.  He’s just not interested in yours. (Although he will wish you well with your exploration and ultimate success in finding your “truth”).   And he’s certainly not interested in Saturn’s!  Sagittarius is always up for a good time any day of the week but with Saturn in residence, the fun factor is definitely dialed back – way back.  And Neptune in Pisces isn’t interested in structure or some manageable, manicured version of “The Truth” according to you or Saturn or anyone.

So you see – it’s all about perception again.

These two are in the waning square of a 36 year synodic cycle.  Their conjunction last took place in 1989 in Capricorn.  The waxing square occurred in 1998-99 straddling late degrees of Aries/Capricorn and early degrees of Taurus/Aquarius.  The opposition happened in 2006-07 in Leo/Aquarius.  We are now entering the waning square taking place in Sagittarius/Pisces and taking place over 2015 and 2016.  The next conjunction will be in 2026 at 01 degree Aries.  This is a reasonably long cycle – but one that most of us will be present for.  Look at history around those dates – your own and the history of the planet.

Mercury (ruler of Gemini) conjuncts Saturn on the 24th and joins the square to Neptune on the 26th.  This week will be a manic mix of ideas, actions and reactions.  Saturn’s clarity will be deliberately clouded by Neptune’s willful dreaminess.  Mercury will zoom about collecting information and ideas with no concern for their truth or untruth.  He’ll just dump it all off at the information warehouse and go out for a fresh batch.  All in the light of the Full Moon.

The double bodied signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) love movement:  emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.  This is the essence of mutability – information in motion. Let your spirit move.  Do not allow yourself to remain fixed in your ideas.  Truth is not an immovable position.  Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius and squares to Neptune will show us that the truth is a moving target.  The greatest obstacle to enlightenment is “Avidya” – not seeing clearly, ignorance, and delusion.  The future is not unfurling in the linear way it used to.  Abandon all currently published maps and notions of what “the path” might be.  Your actions and knowings have meaning and are valuable.  Work deeply with your perceptions and knowing.  The way is narrow but deep.  The times ahead are unknown.  Have courage.  And as always – do the work with love.