Gemini Full Moon – November 22-23, 2018

Gemini Full Moon – November 22-23, 2018
The Moon is full at 00 degrees 52 minutes (basically 1 degree) of Gemini tonight at 9:39 pm PST and at 5:39 am tomorrow morning GMT. As with all Full Moons, the Sun opposes the Moon at the same exact degrees. The Sun, who’s just minutes into Sagittarius meets up immediately with Jupiter at 03 degrees of Sadge, recently arrived himself, on November 8th. And don’t forget Mercury who’s retrograde in Sadge since November 16 and currently at 10 degrees. It’s a tidy little Sagittarius stellium that opposes tonight’s Full Moon.
Gemini is the first Air sign and the first Mutable sign. Ruled by Mercury, he’s inquisitive, unpredictable, and fond of variety and travel. Even he doesn’t really know what he’s going to do next. Ideas? Oh sure – Gemini has plenty of those! He’s fond of facts, figures, and information of all sorts. But when you get right down to it Gemini has difficulty ranking ideas/ things in their order of priority. Consideration comes in fits and starts as well as in concentration. All information is good information and it’s all considered to be potentially useful. Very often, one thing seems equal to another as far as Gemini is concerned. They’re very inclusive.
Sagittarius is the last Fire sign and the third Mutable sign. Ruled by Jupiter, Sadge is inquisitive, unpredictable, and fond of variety and travel. Sagittarius is very often on a Misson. Ideas? Oh it’s gone far beyond that! She/He has given whatever it is that fascinates them a lot of thought. Facts, figures, and information of all sorts has been duly considered, road tested, prioritized, and integrated into a life’s philosophy. All information will be considered by Sagittarius but not all will be ranked as equal in importance and usefulness. The life purpose/ big idea is flexible but structured. Sadge has a high standard for inclusion in the canon.
This full Moon is an illumination of what’s come before and what is yet to come. The mutable signs dominate tonight’s lunation chart. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury oppose the Moon in Gemini. The impetus for change and movement is getting stronger. What will be released and what will be retained? Unpredictable has been one of the key-words for 2018. It’s been one weird thing after another. The energies have been extremely erratic. But the feeling and the message has been clear. We’re changing. Earth is changing. Once again it comes back to perception. Resisting change will not stop it. It won’t even slow it down. What do you see? Where do you stand? If you move to the left or the right – backward or forward – does your perception of what you see change? Everyone see the big picture from a different standpoint. What are you perceiving?
Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury stay close together for the rest of November. Mars in Pisces forms the apex of a T Square to the Full Moon and the Sadge stellium. This is a signature of patience and tolerance. It’s an excellent time to openly examine and discuss our trajectories and futures with our loved ones, friends, and communities. And just remember, Mars will be moving into Aries on January 1, 2019. Not the best position for tolerant discussion and patient attention. So use this blend of Martian and Piscean energy while you can!
Right now it’s extremely important that we entertain and seriously consider different standpoints. We have planets at the beginning degrees of signs and at the end of signs. Endings and beginnings. Over and over. The Nodes at 29 degrees Cancer/Capricorn insists that we process these perceptions as equal parts structure and emotion. Integration of opposites is key. We cannot proceed without this understanding. We can choose to stay in the polarity – one side against the other or join the continuum and integrate. That’s the choice. We can isolate at our chosen end of the spectrum or we can meet in the middle, clear out the rocks and debris and create a super-highway that will take us who-knows-where in this infinite continuum. And as usual – it can go easy or it can go hard. As we journey to our annual alignment with the Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius, aim high, look ahead and up. Integrate. The stars and planets have a tale to tell and a message to deliver. Tonight’s Gemini full Moon says, “Consider it all and don’t shoot the Messenger.”