Gemini Full Moon – December 3, 2017


Gemini Full Moon – December 3, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 11 degrees, 40 minutes Gemini on December 3, 2017 at 7:46 am PST.  She is beautiful and bright, looking quite full already.  She is at perigee (closer to Earth) tonight.  This is the last SuperMoon of 2017.  Perigee creates electromagnetic shifts and stronger gravitational pull.  You may see higher or faster moving tides in your area.  She will be technically full in the morning hours here in California. I always enjoy seeing the Moon in the early morning after sunrise and I will probably be able to see her as I drive to yoga.

Last month’s New Moon in Scorpio was a whopper.  She kinda brought the hammer down and put everyone on notice.  It’s all about evolution.  And we either pull together and evolve as one or suffer the consequences of sporadic half-hearted attention and effort.  We all go together or we don’t go…. Now there’s something to think about!

At this full moon we have several major planetary patterns that foreshadow the energies of 2018 and help to move us swiftly ahead.  The first of these is the conjunction of Mercury at 29 and Saturn at 27  degrees of Sagittarius that is occurring now.  This augurs deep thinking, strategizing, the exercise of profound logic, and the culling of prior experience in order to set a course of productive action.  In the hours before the full moon however, Mercury stations retrograde, turning in upon himself and becoming more introspective and somewhat challenged with regard to clear logical thinking.  Mercury will retrograde over the original point of conjunction with Saturn on December 6th – just to make it interesting and to press the point.  He will continuing moving back all the way to 13 degrees Sadge, stationing direct on December 23, several days after the Solstice on the 19th.  He will make another conjunction with Saturn around January 12-13, 2018, effectively grounding the entire experience.  We will have ample opportunity to sort through how we feel and what we think over the next month.  Craft your thoughts and conversations with care in order to avoid misunderstandings – or worse…

Concurrently, the Sun, Moon and Neptune form a T square at 11 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces, respectively.  This 11 degree point is hot now – so if you have anything at 11 degrees – particularly in mutable signs, you’re likely to feel the heat.  And to make sure you don’t get bored, or forget the message of last month’s Scorpio New Moon, Jupiter joins in the fun at 11 Scorpio trining Neptune – reiterating the message of oneness that will be SOOOOO important going forward.  Jupiter in Scorpio really feels his ideals and spiritual beliefs.  At the Solstice he will square the North and South Nodes encouraging us to let go of the past and move more deeply into our innermost desires.  Scorpio requires intimate relationship with the self as well as the beloved other.  This will be a wide and clearly marked gateway.  Take advantage of this remarkable portal.

Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius shine on the truth of situations – on what is true.  Moon in Gemini has data, anecdotal information, and facile language with which to communicate – what might or might not be true.  Neptune in Pisces has universal connection and complete access to the physical and metaphysical but no actual preference for truth or fantasy. The presence of Saturn in the midst of all this is a huge reality check as well as a challenge to the illusion/delusional thinking that’s practically normal with Neptune in Pisces. Following or maintaining illusion/delusion will not be at all useful going forward.  And really, it will cease to have any entertainment value as well. The questions become:  Are you in truth? Are you transforming?  If you can feel, know, and say yes to that – your whole idea of entertainment and living will evolve at an enormous speed.

Uranus is still active over in Aries having joined in tight conjunction with Eris and Pallas Athena. He opposes Mars in Libra.  Basically this is an aspect of aggressive and assertive action.  Coupled with the Mercury retrograde it should serve as a caution to think before you speak and look before you leap.  Mars will move into Scorpio on December 9.  And happy he will be to come home to a place where he can stretch out and be himself!

So – YES!  This is a time of finishing.  It’s time to reckon what will work, and what – after all this time and effort – will not.  You need not be ruthless but you must be truthful.  We cannot afford the illusions we’ve been keeping up.  Break free.  Clear space.  Remember that Gemini is the Trickster and a Shapeshifter. This Moon is beautiful, bright and dazzling… But don’t fall for another illusion, beautiful as it may be…  Check in with Saturn while he’s still in a good mood.  He returns to Capricorn after a 29 year absence on December 20.  He knows the difference between truth and illusion.  Just ask him.


Image: Jake Badderly