Gemini Full Moon – December 17, 2013

Gemini Full Moon – December 17, 2013


The Full Moon forms at 25 degrees, 36 minutes Gemini at 1:28 am PST on December 17, 2013.  This is the last Full Moon of 2013.  As the Moon rises in the east, the Pleiades and the Royal Star Aldebaran are visible.  Aldebaran means ‘follower’ in Arabic and Aldebaran follows the Pleiades.  Jupiter and the constellation Orion also appear in the night sky as the Moon continues to rise.  If you follow the three stars in Orion’s belt from left to right (in the northern hemisphere) or from right to left (in the southern hemisphere) the first bright star you see will be Aldebaran.  The Royal Stars stand apart from others and are connected to the four directions.  This moon will appear to be the smallest Full Moon of the year.  Usually we take note when the Moon is at perigee or her closest approach to Earth.  Tonight the Moon will appear to be very small and far distant in the sky.  She will be at apogee tonight – her most distant point from Earth. Venus is setting earlier each night now.


Several hours after the peak of the full moon Uranus stations direct and ends his five month retrograde.  You may actually be able to feel your mind and consciousness opening to encompass a wider view.  Radical change is on the agenda in the months ahead and Uranus will make sure that we get the message.  When a planet changes direction its influence is emphasized.  When Uranus moves you can double that influence (at the very least).  As I am so fond of pointing out; the day that Uranus moved into Aries back in 2011, the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster occurred as a result of an enormous Tsunami!  Tsunami?  Nuclear disaster?  Do you think Uranus might have been making some sort of announcement?  Suffice to say that Uranus means change with a capital C.  And that change is amoral in the extreme!  So are you ready for radical change of a completely uncertain nature? The next exact Uranus-Pluto square is in mid-April.  But please don’t forget that it is ongoing as well.   We might all want to have a good think on that.


Mars is now firmly ensconced in Libra.  He arrived there last Saturday December, 7.  This will be hard on Mars and equally difficult for Librans, anyone with significant Libra placements, and everyone in general as it will affect the house of your horoscope where Libra resides.  It doesn’t matter if you have any planets in Libra or not; the influence will still be in effect.  Aries is ruled by Mars and is opposite Libra who is ruled by Venus. (More about Venus later).  Mars is action personified, personal will, courage, decisiveness, combative and protective force and the impulse to move forward.  Libra is concerned with balance, relationship in all senses of the word, diplomacy, harmony, agreement, justice and equality.  Libra wants consensus, wants you to want it too and will do almost anything to achieve that end.  Mars simply doesn’t care what you think.  He wants what he wants. Stalemates, frustration and indecision will be in good supply from now until July 27, 2014 when Mars moves into Scorpio. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about it between now and then.  When’s the last time you looked forward to a Mars in Scorpio transit?


Venus is in Capricorn.  She’s calling the shots, hiring and firing, and probably rebuilding all the theaters, museums, parks, and public areas on Olympus.  She will turn retrograde five hours after the Winter Solstice which occurs on December 23, at 9:11 am PST.  She will be in Capricorn until March 6, 2014.  She’s not entirely comfortable in Capricorn.  After all, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn’s emphasis is rules and regulations, the limitations of physical reality and organizational authority.  Venus is abundance, beauty, art, music, money, love, and fertility.  In Capricorn she is forced to turn her attention to man-made structures be they physical or judicial.  Her transit through Capricorn may give us insight into how we can better work in community, sharing wealth, love, and beauty.  At the very least Venus will want to insure that the good things in life will be available to all.  However, that sticky Mars in Libra may have a different idea – or worse, be unable to decide just how this can come into being.  So you can see how this Mar-Venus thing is beginning to shape up…


We will experience a Cardinal Grand Cross December 24 – 30.  Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will be involved.  This is a reiteration of the imperative for change!  If we cannot align ourselves with the idea of movement and action as represented by the Cardinal energies of this Grand Cross, we are likely to be mired in the swamps of indecision and stasis that are the potential territory of the Mars in Libra transit.  It can go easy or it can go hard.  And, as I’ve already pointed out, we are going to have a LONG time to work on this.  So pull on your wading boots, open your heart and your mind and get to it!

The Solstices are major portals along with the Equinoxes and Cross Quarter Days which open three days before and remain open for three days after their occurrences.  As modern humans many of us are far removed from our ancient roots, but we are still deeply moved by the seasonal shifts of light and energy.  It is in our DNA.  We celebrate the turning of the wheel with festivals of fire and light and build monuments and cities along the solar pathways projected onto our sphere.  Celebrate the return of the light.  Return to your own personal source of inspiration and light and share it with your community.  Turn your eyes to the wintery heavens and send your inspiration and love there too.  Feel the love, blessings and energies of the universe streaming down upon you!   Happy holidays to all!!!