Full Moon Capricorn – July 1-2, 2015

Capricorn Full Moon – July 1-2, 2015

BANG!  The Full Moon forms at 09 degrees, 55 minutes Capricorn at 7:19 pm PDT on July 1, and at 2:19 am GMT on July 2, 2015.  Have you been feeling it?  “It” being all your feelings – about everything – all at once.  EVERYTHING!  ALL AT ONCE!!!  I mean, how do you separate it out?  One feeling just leads to another and another and another!  Oh sure – you might be able to check out, pretend that everything is just FINE the way it is –  it is “reality” after all – right?  And who can argue with “reality”?  Sure – Neptune in Pisces will support any delusions or illusions you might like to flirt with.  But then there’s this Capricorn Moon.  Full in the Sky blasting light into all the dark personal secret spots of the Cancerian night.   – hanging out with Venus and Jupiter.  (And incidentally, they are a handsome couple, a gorgeous pair, and a magnificent sight all rolled into one.)  – Get outside and see this!!!!

That Capricorn Moon, ruled by Saturn himself is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  Moon and Pluto are in opposition to The Sun and Mars in Cancer.  Throw in the North and South nodes in Libra and Aries respectively and you’ve got Cardinal Cross Redux.  Feeling the tension?  Oh, Boy!!!  Mars in Cancer is testy.  He doesn’t like being in Cancer.  It requires that he work with his feelings and emotions which, for an active guy like Mars, is not his forte.  Cancer is the sign of his “fall”.  He is degraded and disabled in Cancer and has much to pout about but not much of his usual power or get-up-and-go.  The opposition to Pluto makes him miserable and angry.  He’s the original ruler of Scorpio (now ruled by Pluto) for Chrissake!!!  And so it goes.   Don’t expect this fractious pattern to dissipate anytime soon.  Mars will be in Cancer until August 8.

So wear your flak jacket.  There will be a lot of incoming fire!  And that is to be expected with an aspect like this one.  Saturn’s retrograde into Scorpio just upped the emotional ante by adding another water sign to the mix.  When you add Sun and Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces now and for the long term… well, you see where I’m going:  It’s déjà vu all over again.  We are all awash in emotional patterns and feelings that we have held for this and many other lifetimes.  We are so flooded with feelings, sensations, and memories that we can barely distinguish one emotive impulse from another.  When you’re swimming in the ocean of emotion it’s impossible to separate one drop of water from another.  It’s going to be a wet summer. And a summer of review.

On July 6, the Sun will oppose Pluto exactly and square the degree of the April 4, 2015 eclipse. On July 12, he will square Uranus exactly.  What have you learned from the Cardinal Cross of the last few years?  More specifically:  What have you learned since April 4, 2015?

On a brighter note – super bright, in fact, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Leo now.  They’re up there hanging out in the night sky with the Full Moon tonight.  But they’ve been getting closer and closer for weeks now.  What a show!  These two make a handsome couple, a gorgeous pair and a magnificent sight all rolled into one.  If you haven’t seen them get out there at nightfall and look to the west.  You can’t miss them.  They are beautiful together.  This is the first of three conjunctions they will make over the summer.  Venus will retrograde on July 25.  She will stay within 10 degrees of Jupiter for the summer months.  Jupiter and Venus are a joyous couple.  Their conjunction and close proximity are a well needed counterpoint to the emotional tsunamis we are currently enduring.

It’s difficult to stay balanced in the midst of all these seemingly random, phantom feelings.  We are being and have been buffeted by solar flares and magnetic field disruptions for some time now.  Our weather is distinctly different and odd.  Our governments are in disarray.  We are in the death throes of our old ways of being.  It isn’t comfortable and sometimes it doesn’t feel safe.    We feel depleted and anxious at a surface level and now we’re being asked to dive even more deeply into the emotional caverns of our psyches.  Give yourself the luxury of knowing how you genuinely feel.  Give yourself the gift of the truth of you. This knowing will provide you with the strength you need to navigate the uncertainty you feel.   Go deep.  Take the time.  Do the work.   Remember to rest well and deeply.

It’s summer.  Get outside tonight or tomorrow or sometime soon.  Lie on your back in the warm grass. Smell the evening air.  Look up at Venus and Jupiter and our Moon who keeps us company on all the dark nights of the year.  Listen to the wind and to all the sounds of a summer night.  You’ll be glad you did come next January.