1.) What information do I need for a reading?

Your birth date, time of birth, and birthplace.

Information from a birth certificate is preferred.  If you don’t have a birth certificate and are able to check with your mother, please get her recollection.

If you have no access to birth certificates or relatives, we can still work with your chart and attempt to rectify it as we go along.  We will usually use noon of the birth date as a starting point.  Astrology has been practiced successfully for thousands of years without birth certificates—so don’t worry!

2.) Can you predict when I will find my “soul mate”?

Not exactly.
But it is possible to suggest certain time frames that may be better than others for such a discovery.  This is done by looking at the current transits to your natal chart.  By looking at what’s going on now and how it dovetails with your natal chart, we can examine the possibilities and potential for relationships.

3.) Can you advise me on whether or not I should move/change jobs/go on vacation?

Yes.  By using transit reading, relocation charts and Astro*Carto*Graphy in addition to your natal chart, we can determine which locations, vocations and vacations will suit you best.

4.) Can you help me to choose the best time to:  have my wedding, open my business, sign a contract, have surgery, go on vacation, move house, begin a course of study, go on a diet, etc.?

Yes. This is called Electional Astrology. By examining your natal chart and the charts of your fiancé, or business partners we can determine auspicious times for these undertakings.

5.) Can you help me to understand my relationship with my:  mother, father, brother, sister, employer, friend, co-worker, etc.?

Yes. The Family and/or Relationship reading would be perfect for this.

6.)  Can you advise me on how to maximize my: creativity, professional skills, athletic ability, social skills, earning potential, etc.?

Yes. An in depth examination of your natal chart will provide this information.

7.) Can you see illness or potential illness in my chart?

We are the product of our heredity and of our individual actions and choices. Certain inherited sensitivities and possibilities are indicated in the natal chart. However, these are by NO means, definite indicators or predictors of disease. Potentials and possibilities for addressing medical conditions can be examined in an in depth natal reading focused on these issues. No actual medical advice will be given and no medical recommendations will be made during this reading. All opinions and information will be of an astrological nature and may not be construed as a medical opinion.

Refund Policy:

If you are unable to keep your appointment (in person or by phone/Skype) please contact me to reschedule.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, and appointment is not rescheduled, 1/3 of fee will be refunded.