Classes & Tutoring

Fundamentals of Astrology


Dates times and locations to be determined

Class 1:  Wheel Orientation – How We Look at the Chart

We look at and discuss the layout of the chart.

Discussion of:

The four directions North, South, East and West

The Four Elements – Qualities of Being

The Three Modalities – Methods of Operation

The Twelve Houses – The Natural Order of the Zodiac


Class 2:  The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope

We build on the previous week’s information and discuss the qualities, modalities and areas of experience represented and expressed in each house of the chart.

We introduce the concepts of planetary rulers and signs


Class 3:  The Planets

Discussion of the planets and the houses they rule.

Discussion of Traditional and Modern rulerships

Introduction of the concepts of essential dignities (exaltation, fall, diurnal and nocturnal)


Class 4:  The Signs

Discussion of the 12 signs and the 6 polarities

We begin to incorporate the ideas of house, sign and planet.


Class 5:  The Nodes of the Moon 

Discussion of the Nodes and their karmic impact.  Continued discussion and incorporation of the ideas of sign and house polarities


Class 6:  Asteroids

Introduction to the 9 most commonly used asteroids:  Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena, Lilith, Ceres, Sappho, Eros, Psyche and Chiron.  Discussion of their use in delineation.


Class 7: Aspects

Review of the Modalities, Elements and Houses

Discuss major aspects and the geometry involved.

Brief discussion of retrogrades

Tips on how to speed read a chart


Class 8:  Chart Reading

We invite friends to class to have quick readings of their chart.

Using what we’ve learned – we give it a go.    

[Date, time and location to be determined]