Capricorn Solstice – Cancer Full Moon – December 21-22, 2018

Capricorn Solstice – Cancer Full Moon – December 21-22, 2018
The Winter Solstice occurred today at 2:22 pm PST as the Sun slipped into Capricorn. This is the darkest and longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. Those who live south of the equator are experiencing the Sun is at its zenith – the Summer Solstice which boasts the most daylight hours. It is a turning point. One half of Earth begins its return to the light while the other half embarks upon its journey into darkness.
Tonight’s Full Moon is at 00 degrees, 49 minutes Cancer. Technically she’s not 100% full until tomorrow at 9:48 am PST/ 5:48 pm GMT. But if you look up tonight, she’s shining like crazy with a magical silver luminosity. The Cancer/Capricorn axis returns us to an emphasis on the Cardinal signs. The North and South Nodes are in Cancer and Capricorn respectively. Tonight they are at 26 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Our next important lunation will be the New Moon of January 5-6, 2019. This will be a Partial Solar Eclipse. So you see, even though we are still in December 2018, we’re pushing hard at the boundaries of this year and into 2019’s eclipse season which will begin with a bang.
This Full Moon is about power. Feminine/Masculine, Overt/Covert, Dark/Light. Moon in Cancer is in the sign of her rulership – but she’s not the only one. Tonight Jupiter is in Sadge, feeling expansive and jolly as only Santa Jupiter can. Saturn is in Capricorn and he’s beginning to feel the warmth of the approaching Sun. This ignites the energies that will propel us into and through 2019 and Neptune has been in Pisces for a while. He’s beginning to interact with the other planets a little more effectively. Look for him to do some networking in the near future. Tonight he squares Mercury and Jupiter who are conjunct and concocting a scenario that’s futuristic and fabulous. What that’s all about is anyone’s guess – but we won’t have to wait very long to find out – that’s for sure. Things are moving fast. The energy is very strong, pure, and directed this night.
Tonight’s Full Moon is an initiation into the energies of the next 18 months (Cardinal nodes remember). Feminine/Masculine, Covert/Overt, Dark/Light and most importantly, the power and purity of one’s source. Moon in Cancer insists that we own our emotions, consciousness, our futures and our past. Tonight’s Moon is the second of five consecutive Full Moons occurring in the first degree of their sign (November 2018 – March 2019). Zero is the origin, the center, the source. It is time to integrate, reconcile, and balance the inner Mother and Father and to become our own best parent and friend. It’s time to initiate action and to choose as specific and detailed strategy for movement and reinvention.
The Moon knows all about change. She sees and feels it all. Change is bubbling up on a very regular basis now and it won’t be long before we will be unable to control, explain, or contain it. Make peace with your losses and shortcomings. Don’t concentrate on what’s missing. Stay present but look ahead. There are big decisions ahead. A lot of stuff – big stuff – needs to get decided. Meditate. Walk in nature. Walk in the city. Breathe. See the future. Choose and choose again. This is what we’ve been training for. Who knows – Fate and Free-Will might turn out to be the same thing. What? Now, isn’t THAT something to think about…?
Good Solstice to All! Welcome the Return of the Light!!!