Capricorn New Moon – January 9 – 10, 2016

Capricorn New Moon – January 9 – 10, 2016

We’re one week into the New Year.  We’ve arrived and can see the starting line receding in the rear-view mirror.  So off we go!  The New Moon forms at 19 degrees, 13 minutes Capricorn at 5:30 pm PST on January 9 and at 1:30 am GMT on January 10, 2016. It was a clean break and a relatively smooth entrance.  The holidays were mostly peaceful.  The Cancer Full Moon was calm, quiet, and spacious.  Have you used this time carefully to craft your intentions for the first New Moon of the New Year?  The New Moon is embedded in the Capricorn stellium, traveling with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury who is currently retrograde.  If you need to tinker with your grand scheme, near-term plans or intentions, now is the time to review and retool.  The retrograde supports revision and restructuring.

This last week, though, has been a weird and jarring ride. One by one the planets have been lining up to introduce their individual and collective agendas.   And it’s becoming clear that some of the more familiar players and signatures of the last several years are going to require a different response from us in the coming months.  The whole direction is much more subtle now.  We are definitely shifting to an emphasis on the mutable signs and energies.  The old drama is over.  We will need to navigate this next bit with more discernment and elegance.

The Uranus – Pluto squares of recent memory have lost their element of “shock and awe”.  A lot of the sting and outrageousness of the past four years is gone.  Strange but true – we have become accustomed to this explosive revolutionary evolutionary imperative.  Both Uranus and Pluto are at the half way point of their transits of Aries and Capricorn respectively.  They will continue to interact, but in a much less dramatic way.  The aspect is waning.  As Uranus begins to separate from Pluto he will turn his attention to working with Saturn and to moving forward. Working with Saturn will be challenging.  Uranus will contribute innovation and inspiration to Saturn’s quest for cohesive structure and social equality.  Together they will be able to further the ideals of social justice, political equanimity, and creative revolution.  Uranus still likes to shake it up so there’ll be no shortage of surprises.

Saturn in Sadge will be ready for him.  This year’s got a definite difference about it.  Saturn likes to grumble and grouse about whatever’s handy.  But in Sagittarius where he’s actually got a good spark of optimism and can-do attitude.  The on-going square between Saturn and Neptune is creating a situation in which it’s difficult to definitively state what’s actually going on. We haven’t quite got a handle on this yet. Saturn sets the structure and lays out the plan.  Neptune responds to by acknowledging, considering and then dissolving a good portion the whole proposal.  So then it’s back to the drawing board for Saturn…  It’s an interesting mix of energies.  Sagittarius and Pisces not so long ago shared a ruling planet – Jupiter.  When Neptune was discovered he was assigned to Pisces.  But Pisceans have never forgotten the benevolent and philosophically high-minded good humor of Jupiter. Saturn in Sadge will tell the truth.  If Neptune in Pisces can hear that truth without needing to react by going into fantasyland, there is a good to excellent chance that these two can get on the same page eventually.  And when we add a good dash of Uranian inspiration, the odds of effecting real change go up dramatically!

Meanwhile Venus conjuncts Saturn tonight.  And that’s lovely for Saturn and for us.  It helps us to clarify our values, intentions and strategies.  Saturn loves a blueprint.  Venus in Sagittarius is concerned with what is of personal value as well as what will have philosophical value to us all.  Together they assist us in choosing a wise plan of action that is personalized by helping us to articulate and implement those actions and ideals that matter most to us.  Jupiter is newly retrograde and trining this New Moon.  He’s slowing down a bit.  And that should create a bit more balance out there.

There’s a feeling that the planets have been warming up backstage.  They’ve been hanging out in the Green Room, stretching, practicing their entrances and exits.  It’s ShowTime.  The first New Moon of 2016.  It’s the first act of the Play of the Year.  All the actors have assembled.  Mars in Scorpio promises a doozey of a plot line.  There’s enough intrigue, treachery, aggression, bravery, passion, and transformation there for a dozen plays!!! Venus and Mercury keep things lively.   Jupiter in Virgo is mincing around like the strongman in Baron Munchausen wearing his little maid’s outfit and serving tea to the Baron. He’s forgotten who he was having been shanghaied and brainwashed.  Saturn in Sadge is actually open-minded and ready to make changes.  Uranus in the second half of Aries is less interested in change for change’s sake.  He wants to leave a legacy of meaningful revolution.  Neptune is just getting started.  And Pluto is still looking at the long game.  The Sun keeps shining.  He never stops and always gives us 100 percent of what he’s got.  The Moon translates it all for us.   Every month she visits all states of being, faithfully reflecting them for us here on Earth.

Be like the Moon.  Be ready to listen, look, translate, and reflect. Places Everyone! The curtain is going up!!!

Photo:Baron Muchausen, Terry Gilliam