Capricorn New Moon – January 16 – 17, 2018

Capricorn New Moon – January 16 – 17, 2018

The first New Moon of 2018 forms tonight at 26 degrees, 54 minutes Capricorn at 6:17 pm PST an at 2:17 am GMT on January 17.  The Cancer Full Moon of January 1 was, in essence the finale of 2017, wrapping up as she did, the energies, events, and themes of the old year and shining her dazzling light on the path of the New Year.  New Moons are the quintessential seeds of new energies and new ways of working with energy.  And in case you haven’t noticed – there’s a distinctly different feeling in the air. This is the true kick-off for 2018.

Welcome to the new Capricorn agenda.  Once we cross the over the north/south axis from the 9th house into the 10th, things get a lot more transpersonal and less about the individual – less about you specifically.  So although you may feel that stuff is happening to you and only you – be comforted in the knowledge that you need not (even though you are sorely tempted to) and should not take it personally.  Capricorn places a high premium on self-sufficiency, discipline, responsibility to the collective, and thoroughness.  So it’s best to cultivate the idea that things are happening FOR you rather than TO you. No matter how weird that may sound – it’s true.

Capricorn believes that each situation presents opportunities.  What you choose to do when faced with these various and perhaps extremely curious opportunities, is up to you and you alone.  No turning around and asking for approval or support.  Either you know what you want or you don’t.  Time to make decisions. The gateway that opened during the Cancer Full Moon is still open.  But it won’t stay open much longer.  If you are still unclear about your desires and what you want to manifest, you need to schedule a good sit-down with yourself and hash it out.  There is an eclipse of the Leo Full Moon on January 31st that will reactivate and last summer’s total Solar Eclipse.  One door will slam shut, a new one will open, and an old door will reverberate.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all in Capricorn now.  That’s a lot of Capricorn. Aside from the party in Capricorn, Jupiter sextiled Pluto yesterday on January 15.  Sextiles are an aspect of opportunity.  This is an opportunity for you to look at those afore-mentioned “opportunities” that really didn’t look so good when they were first presented.  Give them a second look.  This aspect can give you the extra little push needed for that leap of faith. Remember, it’s happening FOR you. This is the first of three sextiles between Jupiter and Pluto.  The others are on April 14 and September 3.  Opportunity comes knocking more than you might think.  You just have to keep your ears and mind open in order to hear/recognize it.  If you find that it doesn’t resonate or feel right at a heart level – let it go.  Opportunity pops up when you least expect it sometimes…

Pluto has been working in Capricorn since 2008.  All this time he’s been laying the foundations for the changes and transformation that he and Saturn will now begin to implement.  The change that is now imminent. He’s been working at waking us up.  And I think he’s done a damn good job!  The Cardinal Crosses and square of the recent past have been wake-up calls and lessons for this time we are entering now. Manifestation depends on intention.  Do you now know what’s best for you – what your true stance/path is?  Have you laid your foundation?  Are you committed to the challenges that your trajectory presents?  Are you ready to stand by your decisions and desires? Are your actions and values aligned?  Do you have the courage (North Node in Leo) to move forward into what your heart truly desires? Capricorn is the Master Earth sign, excelling at manifesting on the physical plane.  New Moons are THE time to set intentions.

Ok then – get ready, because things are going to be moving pretty fast and weird this year.  NOT BAD – just very different, very fast, and a little strange – or shall we say unexpected….

If you are ready to work hard, to come from the heart with honesty and courage, focus your intention and energy with a laser-like precision, and to hold this focus and stance for the entire year, you will surpass your own expectations.  Even better – you will significantly contribute to the reevaluation, restructuring, well-being, and radical transformation of the planet.  Change is a constant – but this year we’re going to see our normal rate of change accelerate.  The learning curve might be steep.  The waters may be troubled.  The challenges, which are already here, are not going anywhere for a while.  Trust yourself.  Love yourself.  Have faith and courage in what you know in your heart to be true.   Here we go – and as always – go with love!