Capricorn New Moon – January 12-13, 2021

Capricorn New Moon – January 12-13, 2021

Strange times continue. Tonight’s New Moon (1-12/13-21) at 23 degrees, 13 minutes Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) on January 12, spans two days. Yesterday she was in Capricorn. Today she is in Aquarius where she pushes a stellium of planets lead by Mercury at 8 degrees followed by Jupiter at 5 degrees and Saturn at 3 degrees all in Aquarius. We can soon say good-bye to the massive waves of Capricorn energy that we’ve endured during 2020. Saturn is the ancient ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius (in modern times ruled by Uranus – a whole but equally powerful and different kettle of fish).

The Moon moves quickly! This New Moon will release some of the most volatile and chaotic energy of 2021. SO BE Aware! These are unstable and revolutionary times. The everyday world is incessantly bombarding us with distractions. Politics, Science, Religions, Wars, Negotiations, Vaccines, Money – the list goes on. 2020 was one thing after another. Humanity is exhausted and weary. Our deepest and most profound changes are still ahead. These changes will not be dependent upon some top -down edict from authorities and persons on high. No – they will come from US – HUMANITY AND ALL OTHER SENTIENT LIFE FORMS. The shift in our individual and collective consciousness is being established now. It will be dramatic, powerful, and will set a new paradigm going forward. This will not be a “change of mind”. It will be a change of action, heart, and consciousness.

New Moons allow us to begin again – to examine our lives and plans and to re-orient and revise our trajectories. The Capricorn Moon cedes her power to Aquarius today allowing our focus to move from the relentless rigidity and reformation of 2020’s Capricorn stellium. Try (even though you may not want to) remember this – there’s more to be learned from it. Begin to settle into the Humanist (but equally codified) tenets of Aquarius. This is a BIG turning of the wheel. Saturn and Capricorn are associated with the Laws of Karma also known as Cause and Effect. These are the results of our actions. They are not meant as a punishment – they are meant to be instructive.

Our current New Moon is exactly one year on from last year’s Saturn Pluto conjunction and is within orb of Pluto currently at 24 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is able to help us ferret out what’s true, false, useful, valuable, and what is not. It’s an excellent time to reevaluate your situation. Time to have a mental, emotional and physical clear-out. Create space and time for yourself. Let others create theirs. There is no best way to do this. This is personal now. It will become more local and eventually global by the time we are done. You are going to want and need this new space in the coming year.

Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter on January 11 and square to Uranus on the 12th opens the door and allows us to se a way bigger picture than the one presented to us at this time last year. (See above comments about NEW things and spaces.) Mercury will take his first retrograde of the year on January 30th stationing Direct on February 21. There’s no time like the present to set yourself and those you love in motion.

Mars makes his 3rd square to Saturn today and his 3rd square to Jupiter on January 22, urging us to recap and implement what we’ve learned in the last year. Squares call for an adjustment to be made. They are turning points that always trace back to the previous conjunction of the two planets involved. Mars takes initiative and is ready to move ahead. A Saturn /Mars square reminds us of or responsibilities, limitations, and trajectory.

Uranus stations direct on January 14th at 6 degrees Taurus (he was retrograde since August 2020), doubling down on his energy and insisting that we move forward. It’s a big step – it could go spectacularly well – or fizzle out. Uranus energy is extreme but it’s also highly creative. If you’re feeling iffy about this great leap, look back to August. It’s time to re-design and think differently. Also- heads up that Mars will conjunct Uranus on January 20 (Inauguration Day in the USA). It’s a crossroads for our history to be sure. This can and probably will be a wild ride. And God only knows who will be driving.

So here we are. A new year started and lots of energy and possibility on the horizon (or maybe staring you in the face). There’s plenty to think about and do. There’s a lot of potential in some of the gnarlier aspects – you’ve just got to look them in the eye and power through it. Something big and inexorable is happening. It’s going to be practically impossible to disengage or numb yourself to the changes that lie ahead. We didn’t come to Earth for a vacation or a quick look around – we came to be alive and to live fully. The old world is fading. Our Universe is ready for something new. I hope you are too.

Happy New Year!