Capricorn New Moon – December 28, 2016

Capricorn New Moon – December 28 – 29, 2016

The New Moon forms at 7 degrees 59 minutes Capricorn at 10:53 pm PST on December 28, and at 6:54 am GMT on December 29, 2016.  Mercury conjuncts the Sun and the Moon tonight.  His retrograde is a little over one week old at this point.  He’s definitely in a reflective mood.  He’s in Capricorn and working hard and taking it all quite seriously.  His current conjunction with the Sun puts him in a condition referred to by astrologers as “Cazimi” which occurs when the conjunction is extremely close.  I will not bother you with the criteria for Cazimi as it seems to vary (not a lot, but it does vary).  Suffice to say that when Mercury is at “the heart of the Sun” he becomes dignified, ennobled, and protected.  This close conjunction confers great strength and leads to an exalted state of being in which the imprint of solar energy and power becomes aligned with the spirit.  Spirit is invigorated and restored to true alignment.  This conjunction is often associated with genius.  Mercury in Capricorn may just have a few genius moves up his sleeve.

At this new dark moon we see the bright billboard of the New Year ahead.  It’s hard to make out what that big sign says.  As befits this Mercury Rx, it’s time to assess 2016.  I think we can all agree that it’s been one long weird year.  This week between the years has a feeling of suspended animation.  Moving but not moving.  Thinking but not thinking.  Musing over and over.  Reviewing and discarding.  Looking up but not too far ahead.

At the same time there’s pressure.  We can feel the imminent movement.  Our ability to sense seismic potential is heightened now.  Uranus has stationed direct.  He’s ready for change no matter which way he’s moving.  Currently he’s in opposition to Jupiter in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Trust me.  There will be change.  Use this Mercury Rx period to clear the decks.  Eliminate the dross and non-essential.  I hate to say, “Be ruthless.”  But maybe you should give it a try! There’s a ton of stuff that needs to go.  We all know it.  All of us can feel it.

Capricorn wants what’s best for everyone.  He wants a sound structure and a reality-based, humane solution.  He’s not the super-stern old man bummer you might think he is.  Really – he’s not.    Capricorn strives for the ecological answer in all cases – one that will do no harm and preserve the best and most beneficial climate possible in all areas of concern.  He is careful and mindful.  The Master Earth sign seeks a natural, innate solution that is workable at all levels while respecting the limits and boundaries of the physical world.    After all – we walk our spiritual path with practical feet here on Earth.

Saturn is square Chiron during this period.  2016 has brought many losses and much sorrow.  Saturn in Sagittarius wants to know what is true, what is false, and illusory.  His ongoing squares with Neptune, the South Node, and Chiron have brought this forward in an increasingly direct and alarming way over the past year.  Tonight Saturn and Chiron join together again to reiterate and ultimately resolve the sorrows, loss, and continuing unhealed emotional damage of 2016.  Saturn and Chiron do this dutifully at the new moon in an attempt to persuade us one more time to release that which does not serve and which in fact poisons our lives, the lives of all others living upon this earth, and the life of the Earth herself.  We cannot expand and step into our desired futures if we do not address these issues.  We will literally be stopped dead in our tracks.

The Virgo/Pisces nodal axis will be changing in May of 2017.  The North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius.  Personal sovereignty and transpersonal responsibility will be the order of the day.  It’s time to get right with yourself and right with the collective.  It’s time to step up and join the Tribe/Community.  Make the commitment – whatever that may be for you.   I have said may times that the personal is political.  It’s an old slogan from the feminist movement of the 1970’s.  And it’s a true one.  The coming times will be wild and wooly.  The self is infinite and immortal.  The collective transpersonal soul is even bigger.  As we move toward the actual Age of Aquarius, keep this in mind.  What and who will you call in, commit to, embody, and work for?  What marks will you make in time?  This New Moon is THE TIME to set your intentions for 2017 and beyond.  This week between the years will reverberate for a long time to come.  Choose wisely.  And always choose with love.  Happy 2017 Everyone!


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