Capricorn Full Moon & Penumbral Eclipse, July 4-5, 2020

Capricorn Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – July 4-5, 2020

Tonight’s Full Moon at 13 degrees, 37 minutes Capricorn will oppose the Sun at 9:44 p.m., PDT and tomorrow at 4:44 am GMT, creating what is known as a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. It’s a partial eclipse. The Sun will appear to blot out the top third of the Moon’s disc. This is the last of the Summer eclipses.

All eclipses are powerful turning points. But this one, occurring on the Invariable Plane, the Cancer/Capricorn axis are particularly so. The cardinal Cancer/Capricorn axis is especially powerful as it deals with our notions of physical, emotional and financial security and safety, home, family, ancestry. Lunar eclipses active our emotional body. We find it easier to connect our thinking brain to our emotional brain at these times. We become aware of our unconscious patterns, as well as our current conscious desires. It’s an ideal time to release what’s not working and an excellent time to time travel into the near and far future. The Moon loves to dream. Tonight she will be happy to escort you to the next level and to assist your ongoing transformation.

Yes – we’re all feeling it. The last four months have been… well – it’s been quite unusual in many respects… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. We all have our own private version of Spring 2020. But here, tonight, we come together under this lunar eclipse. Tonight is the time to acknowledge what’s been real/unreal, true/untrue, poisonous/nourishing, hidden/opened safe/unsafe, kind/cruel… Full Moons and especially lunar eclipses illuminate the shadow of each sign involved. Cancer must learn to receive. Capricorn must learn to give. Tonight we seal the energies as we close out the first half of 2020.

Tomorrow the second half of the year begins. Systems are changing. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer until July 12. This is the perfect opportunity to unite the organized thinking systematic Mercury brain with the emotional thinking security conscious Cancer brain. This is what I to refer to as “thinkie/feelie”. It’s a curious mix, but I guarantee that you will like it once you try it. It’s time to listen to your deepest desires and needs. It’s also time to implement that plan you’ve got circling around in your brain. Just imagine if you could merge your thinking and feeling natures. That sort of alignment can take us far. Probably farther than we can currently imagine or predict. It’s a kind of conscious dreaming. It’s directed and yet free to redesign and revise its course. This is shared power. The logical and emotional minds join together forge a new path and identity. One that’s clear, simple, and honest. One that recognizes and honors your ideas and feeling.

Saturn moved from Aquarius back into Capricorn on July 2. His short survey of Aquarius is over until he takes up residence there on December 17, 2020. Saturn never hurries. He knows what’s what. We are in the beginning stages of a complete reform and restructuring of our governments, financial institutions, corporations, learning institutions, laws and the general social order.

The push/pull of Cancer and Capricorn hasn’t settled yet. There’s a lot of new energy available if you have the patience and desire to access it. Our consciousness is expanding. Our ability to perceive and participate in the past, present, and future has grown quite a bit in the last 4 months. Playing with time- lines can be fun – but most of all it is educational. Do not be afraid to move about in time and space. Tap into that if you haven’t already.

Be patient with others. We all need to find our feet in this new energy. Some of us are quicker than others. And there are those who don’t desire change at all. Respect their wishes and move on. As our consciousness continues to expand, we will need extra down-time to integrate and re-calibrate. Concentrate on your emotional/thinking body and your desires for the future. There’s a huge opening for change. It could go either way – so do not lose focus. Whatever you’ve been doing since March – It’s ready to move into phase 2. A lot of what’s ahead will continue to be uncomfortable and messy. Politics and the “news” can tax your concentration and drain your energy. Don’t let it occupy your time and energy – it will empower the negative forces that are troubling you. We can all be enormously effective if we follow this course of action. Don’t hide your heart – share it. Bring your heart with you everywhere you go.

Set your course for the future. Time travel to the past AND the future. The next decade will be amazing and VERY, VERY DIFFERENT. There’s a new Renaissance brewing. This is the beginning of a long continuously curving road. We can’t see the end of the curve. These things run in cycles. Trust me – we’ll get there.

Now – go out and watch that Moon. She’s got a personal message for each and every one of you.