Capricorn Full Moon – June 27-28, 2018

Capricorn Full Moon – June 27-28, 2018

Tonight’s Full Moon peaks at 6 degrees, 27 minutes Capricorn at 9:52 pm PDT here in California and at 4:52 am GMT tomorrow, June 28.  Full Moons are always opposite the Sun as the Moon receives the full light and energy of the Sun once a month.  She reflects the light of the Sun while at the same time shading the energy with the qualities of the sign she is transiting.  One week out from the Sun’s ingress into Cancer at the Summer Solstice, the Moon is transmitting the Saturnian qualities of Capricorn this night.  Just to make sure you’re paying attention; she is conjunct the planet Saturn in Capricorn, the sign of his rulership.  If this sounds serious – it is. Not so much specific situation serious (although that might be true in some cases) – but more of a big picture of coming events sort of serious.

Cancer is the first water sign. This is where our spirit/ soul first animates, realizes, and experiences differentiated personal emotion. She is often associated with family, motherhood, nurture, security, and emotion. Though she is all those things and seemingly soft and gentle Cancer is also Cardinal which means that she will initiate decisive action swiftly and efficiently. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer.  These are intricate, sacred, and protected waters. Nothing will interfere with Cancer’s quest to know their own heart and soul – or yours.  No emotion is out of bounds for this sign. They are not afraid to feel.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is about structure, responsibility, physical reality, achievement of goals, and deflection of emotion. It is Cardinal Earth and will promote and assert physical reality above feeling.  Capricorn is no stranger to emotion, but it can be true that they prefer to feel it when they have the time and inclination and if it’s convenient.  Saturn is a stern task-master, especially when he’s at home in Capricorn. Tonight’s Full Moon-Saturn conjunction advocates a serious attempt by the Luminaries and Saturn to draw our attention to the best qualities of both signs and to integrate them as completely and quickly as we can.  This lunation is the opening salvo into quickly changing worlds. We are going to need these qualities and skills in the in the coming months and years.

We are heading into Eclipse Season which will begin with a Partial Solar Eclipse at the Cancer New Moon on July 13. This season’s eclipses will occur in the signs of Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius, involving both Luminaries and the North and South Nodes. Yesterday, Mars stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius.  He will station direct on August 27 but will not regain his original degree of Rx until the first week of October. He will spend 22 weeks in Aquarius this year, not actually leaving the sign until November 15. He will be within 10 degrees of the South Node in Aquarius and opposite the North Node in Leo for much of that time. Mars in Aquarius will show us new opportunities as well as old mistakes.  He will challenge us to review how we exert our influence in the world and how we move to get what we want. Examination of new frontiers as well as old hell-holes is on the agenda.  Mars’s conjunction with the South Node will highlight old patterns, habits, and even karma that we just can’t seem to shake. It’s not a good time to assume an adversarial stance or to goad and provoke rivals. It’s a good time to employ some of Saturn’s realism and practicality along with Cancer’s ability to feel its way through to the truth of these lessons.

On Saturday, Mercury will move into Leo. Immediately, the mood will lift. The last several degrees of any sign are rough going but the extreme emotionality of Cancer and the current underlying Grand Trine in Water has made this journey through the sign especially difficult for Mercury. Right off the bat, he squares Uranus in Taurus.  It’s an attitude adjustment but nothing that’s all that difficult for Mercury. In Leo he is free to look ahead at the big picture and to pursue new worlds. And the friendly reminder from revolutionary Uranus in practical Taurus dovetails nicely with the waning earth energy of tonight’s Full Moon and the over-all summer imperative to integrate Matter and Spirit as we move toward what lies ahead.  By July 3 he will conjunct the North Node in Leo and oppose the South Node in Aquarius. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

The Grand trine in water will be in effect for a few weeks. It’s a kind of bonus. The trine provides a safe and well defined area for examination of our feelings and emotional issues.  Use this time/space as a template to gauge your emotional condition. Do not be afraid to go to those tender and bruised places that you seldom visit. Be kind to yourself but don’t look away from the truth.  Remember, the Grand trine is an emotional safety net.  Use it before it disappears. Examine patterns and habits.  Look ahead and behind.  See and feel the truth of your position.  It is critical that we use this summer to realign and restructure.  It feels like it’s time to stop wondering what’s next.  It’s time to decide.  See you at the Solar Eclipse!