Capricorn Full Moon – June 24, 2021

Capricorn Full Moon – June 24, 2021


Tonight’s Full Moon in Capricorn will be exact at 03 degrees 27 minutes Capricorn at 11:39 am PDT and at 6:39 pm GMT. We have weathered the June’s Eclipse Season and are currently experiencing a rather significant number of retrograded. It’s been an interesting year so far. There’s so much possibility hiding in plain sight. We’re all a little (or a lot) shell-shocked – poking our heads out into the sunlight and blinking in the light of what says it’s a new day and a turning of the wheel – but can we really say that with any sort of certainty? Maybe not quite yet – eh?


The next few months will contain fast energies, changing, evolving and interesting versions of the truth, in addition to some ingenious attempts at repressing and re- tooling, that truth. There will be revelations and denials. The Saturn-Uranus square is still very much in force. With the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer there is bound to be a struggle to control the overarching message of this Full Moon in Capricorn which generally espouses a top-down authority and agenda of Control versus Freedom. It will become increasingly difficult to hide the truth going forward.  If we take the time to look at our immediate lives, surroundings, politics, emotions, and the last 16 months, we will have a good understanding of what lies ahead.


The Saturn-Uranus squares of this year will follow us into 2022 and continue until January 24, 2023. The new narrative that was delivered at the most recent Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10th was one of connection and powerful change for the better. And yet – we have not genuinely felt that change – mostly because it has yet to be implemented. As humanity moves toward unity consciousness, unprocessed emotions and trauma present themselves for healing and resolution on a vast scale.


Shifts in the condition of Earth, and the Sun’s magnetic fields, especially around solstices and equinoxes added to the cosmic impulses from our planet’s galactic core and beyond, affect our bodies, nervous systems and consciousness. Seen from a macro perspective – no wonder that we are uncertain about how to recapture our conscious intentions, compassionately witness and honestly own our feelings, and feel safe in releasing pent up emotion and intuition. These are the Cancerian aspects that contain the opposition to the Full Moon in Capricorn. That’s a tall order to fill – and not necessarily one that big government (Capricorn) is likely to support. Neptune will begin its annual retrograde on June 25 – moving backwards until December 1 stationing direct at 20 degrees/24 minutes Pisces.    We have almost finished our dance with the retrogrades of Pluto, Saturn and Saturn Jupiter and are finished with Mercury Rx till the end of September.  Planets appear to move more slowly when retrograde, extending their aspects with other planets and other celestial bodies. As a result, Mercury is in an extended square with Neptune from May 15 to July 12 making three exact squares on May 22, June 5, and July 5, strongly encouraging us to filter all information through our hearts  and intuition to stem the tide of false and /or repressed information.  Even so, some of us will continue to obscure our own and everyone’s truths. Be aware of this.


This Full Moon will show us things that we have not been aware of. Look to the future and do not engage with old energies and ideas. Nothing is ever going to go back to “the way it was…” That will not happen. Every month the Full Moon presents a peak moment when everything intensifies – illuminating contrasts and dichotomies that come into prominence in her light and then wane as the Full Moon moves on to its Balsamic and final phase before it becomes dark again waiting to reappear and perform its wonderous cycle in the night sky.


Full Moons illuminate the best and the worst sides of the signs. In Cancer, there can be too much water – emotion, subjectivity, and unprocessed trauma or wounding. Cancer immerses us in feelings, needs, family, belonging, nourishment and growth.  Capricorn is an earth sign and can present a hard and even stony façade that hides a kind but well-regulated, but not closed heart that can narrow our vision by looking out from the self rather than inward.  Venus in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn at this Full Moon. This often manifests as a rush of shadow material that asserts itself to reveal where we are replaying unconscious patterns- potentially forcing us to be more honest with ourselves. The more disassociated we are from our feelings the easier it is to misuse and abuse power. Be aware of this tendency going forward.


It is not clear where we are headed. Although it could very suddenly become clear.  We are still off balance, scratching our heads, and wondering what really took place and what new thing might be about to happen now. Look to the future – don’t play with old energies and ideas. It is a tender and unfamiliar place for many of us who were so sure. Let’s just say that there’s no turning around – this is our trajectory now. We have got to own it and move it forward with all the energy and love we’ve got. This is our world and its about time we claimed it and shaped it anew.  If not us- then who?  Think about it.  Sending love, courage, and strength to everyone.