Capricorn Full Moon – June 23, 2013


Capricorn Full Moon – June 23, 2013

The Full Moon forms at 02 degrees 09 minutes Capricorn at 4:33 am PDT on June 23, 2013. This is a SuperMoon, where the Moon is at both perigee (its closest approach to the Earth) and at syzygy (in alignment with the Sun), which intensifies its effect on the tides, the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, geophysical activity and of course our psyches. This Full Moon occurs just after the Solstice when the Earth’s axis is at its maximum tilt, creating the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere. Twice a year, for three days, the Sun appears to stand still forming a huge energetic vortex for three days before and after the exact solstice time. This Capricorn Full Moon will appear to be approximately 14% larger that a usual Full Moon. It is beautiful!

On June 19, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction was exact at 28 degrees 32 minutes Gemini. The meeting of our solar system’s two largest bodies produced an atmosphere of expansiveness, optimism, goodwill, and largesse. This conjunction is so inspirational that it might easily give rise to impractical and overly optimistic expectations. However, it can also generate amazing creative energy. Just remember that this time surrounding the Solstice and Full Moon is supercharged! All this activity at the end of Gemini, the sign of ideas, is calling us to re-evaluate our positions, perceptions and perspectives and to drop stale approaches and ideas like a proverbial hot potato! No idea is too big for Jupiter and he is never afraid to think a thought for fear he will overreach. Use this time to dream big but be aware that expanding too fast and too far could lead to an explosion of sorts (worst case) or a dissipation of energy (at the very least). Be mindful that any pattern of extremism could set a dodgy course. The Sun’s ingress into Cancer the next day puts us at the Solstice. Gemini’s galloping pace, relentless inquiry, and frenetic muckraking activities are quelled. We move into the cardinal water sign, Cancer.

Jupiter and the Sun will be within orb for a conjunction in Cancer but the conjunction will not be exact as it was in Gemini until next year in late June. Jupiter moves into Cancer for his once-every-twelve-year-visit on June 25. He is exalted in Cancer and will certainly enjoy his time in the sign. Exaltations are one of the most ancient astrological significators still in use. The origins of these designations are shrouded in inconsistency and speculation, yet they predate the use of the actual constellations or zodiac as we know it. The sign of a planet’s exaltation is a place of heightened awareness and expansion. Suffice to say that Jupiter is delighted to be in Cancer. His usual powers of observation get a boost from the emotion acuity of the cardinal water sign and lead him into action at the feeling level.

Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer on June 26. His retrograde will further accentuate the watery emphasis that will mark this summer. We are heading for a Grand Trine involving Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio at the end of July. And while a trine is a pleasant aspect in and of itself, filled with hope and harmony, this one will have reverberations with the ongoing Uranus- Pluto square. As planets moving through Cancer fall into position for the trine, they must one by one oppose Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries. This is a tricky gamut to run and a very volatile signature. There will be no escaping or avoiding how we feel this summer. Mercury retrograde in Cancer will assist us in this process. We will have no choice but to review and recalibrate our feelings. We will have to pass through our own private inspection process as we come up for astrological review. This will be a time when many of us will feel overextended and overwhelmed emotionally. We will resolve much emotional uncertainty and gain clarity in the process.

Things will change. These are pivotal times. Unrest is spreading around the world. Uranus’s transit of Aries demands change. He doesn’t even care if it’s change for the better or the worse. Movement is the key. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn will reshape power; how we use it and feel it. Pluto will transform governments, financial institutions, schools, military operations and organizations, corporations, religions, and will potentially rescue and conserve the Earth herself. Saturn’s transit of Scorpio is calling a referendum on past actions. Actions have consequences at every level. Personal responsibility or cosmic karma – it makes no difference. We are each held accountable. And Neptune’s transit of Pisces with his companion Chiron will show us the divine essence of every sentient being. It will teach us to finally see each other with wise and loving eyes and hearts. It’s going to be an amazing summer and none of us will be the same at the end of it.
Good Solstice to All!!!