Capricorn Full Moon – July 12, 2014

Aquarius Full Moon July 23-24, 2021

Capricorn Full Moon – July 12, 2014


The Full Moon forms at 20 degrees, 03 minutes Capricorn at 4:24 am PDT on July 12, 2014.  This is a SuperMoon which is the coincidence of a full moon at perigee (its closest approach to earth).  The Moon appears larger than usual and has more magnetic pull causing higher tides.   On July 5 we reached the point in the Earth’s orbit which takes us furthest away from the Sun.  This is called Aphelion.  In January, during the sign of Capricorn, Earth is closest to the Sun.  This is called Perihelion.  The difference between the two positions is about 5,000,000 kilometers and occurs because the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is an oval, not a circle.  It’s not the distance of the Earth from the Sun that causes the change of seasons but rather the tilt of her axis.  When the northern hemisphere tilts toward the Sun in June it experiences summer.  Six months later when the South Pole faces the Sun, the southern hemisphere enjoys summer weather.


So welcome to summer.  And welcome to the first Full Moon of the season.  It’s almost like 2014 has been split in two.  This is the turning point.  The energies of the Grand Cross are beginning to fade.  Reverberations continue through this month as the Cardinal signs continue to align and release.  The thunder claps continue but they’re rumbling off toward the next county.   Still there’s plenty going on – it’s just not the massive strum und drang of the last six months.  July is a month of changing directions, horses, and timelines.  It’s time to keep moving.  The full moon in Capricorn enters the Grand Cross formation and briefly reactivates the configuration.  Uranus retrograde in Aries and Mars now direct and moving quickly through Libra (Thank God!) square this lunation.  Pluto is near the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter and the Sun oppose them in Cancer.  This is the Grand Cross at later and looser degrees.  Sabers rattle, reminding us that we still have work to do, arrangements to make, responsibilities to meet and changes to complete.


Mars in Libra has been speeding along since he stationed direct in May.   He made his last exact opposition to Uranus on June 25.  This full moon has him waving goodbye to the Grand Cross – maybe even thumbing his nose a bit.  He is now closely aligned in conjunction with the Moon’s North Node and the asteroid Goddesses Ceres and Vesta while trining Venus in Gemini.  Mars is definitely cozying up to the ladies!!!  Spending a little time with the divine feminine will do him a world of good.  The full moon in Capricorn will square Mars early on Saturday and then form an opposition to Jupiter later in the early evening hours.  So, you see, the Grand Cross is still throwing sparks.  Be careful that something doesn’t ignite!


On July 16, Jupiter moves into Leo.  He will spend a little more than a year in the sign.   Jupiter and the Sun (Leo’s ruling planet) are the big boys of our solar system.  Jupiter will be inspirational, generous, active, expansive, and oriented to the future during his stay in Leo.  He will seek creative and dramatic solutions and will not object to taking risks.  Jupiter loves to roll the dice and sometimes he doesn’t know when to quit.  He will become solarized on his journey through Leo.  Expect a high profile, a grand manner, and a generous demeanor.


On July 22, the Sun will enter Leo and conjunct Jupiter two days later.  Massive energy!  More champagne for everyone!!!  Let’s fly to Dubai for dinner!!!  And finally, on July 25, the day before the New Moon in Leo, Mars says adios to Libra and enters Scorpio, the sign he co-rules with Pluto.  So if you don’t like the energy now – stick around:  there’s a big change coming.


So this is it.  It’s a big change.  And everything will begin to look quite a lot different very soon.  The second half of 2014 will not be anything like the first half.  Something is ending.  Just like that.  It’s done.  And it will feel different too.  You’ll feeling yourself pulling away.  You’ll know.  Finish up.  Sometimes you can’t take the time to burn a bridge, you just need to use explosives.   The Moon is gorgeous tonight.  Go out and have a good long look.