Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – July 16, 2019

Tomorrow’s Full Moon which occurs at 25 degrees, 04 minutes of Capricorn at 2:38 pm PDT / 9:38 pm GMT, is also a partial Lunar Eclipse. The Sun, North Node and Venus in Cancer are opposite the Moon, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. This opposition illuminates the Moon completely, setting the stage for the confluence of solar and lunar energies that create the eclipse.

Eclipses have 19-year cycles. There is something about tonight’s eclipse that was seeded in the year 2000, on July 16 – and also in 1981 on July 12 etc. The Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow. The Sun, Moon, and Earth are very closely and exactly aligned. The shadow of the Earth blocks the light of the Sun. This can only happen during a Full Moon. This eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. As with all celestial phenomena, the entire Earth will feel the impact. The effects of this and the Total Solar Eclipse of July 2, will reverberate for a six-month period that will end with another eclipse.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is activated. The opposition of the Sun, Venus, and The North Node in Cancer and Moon, Saturn, South Node, and Pluto is a tough one. We also have 5 planets in retrograde motion: Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron (technically a large asteroid), and Mercury. This is a major sticking point. The Past (south node) and the Future (north node) need to be reconciled. There can be no movement unless and until we can break with our deeply ingrained habits, notions, expectations, and demands of “how it’s supposed to be”. Or worse yet, “How it MUST be.” Living one’s life within a construct of limitation, habit, self-censorship, and denial is no recipe for fulfillment.

Saturn is a useful fellow to have around when it comes to planning and overseeing a project – but who, when given full reign, can become rule-bound, dogmatic, cold, and intractable. He wants you to wait and see – to stick with what has been proven to work. It’s not so much fear mongering as it is reluctance to break with the known. For centuries he represented the edge of the known universe. that was a very prestigious position. It’s tough to cede your place in the heavens to upstart “outer planets” just because someone invented the telescope. Saturn means well but I feel safe in saying that this is not the way forward. And having him conjunct the South Node (old ways of doing and attachment to the past) is not optimal. The old order is decaying quickly before our eyes. Don’t put your faith in the tried and true. Don’t believe everything you hear. And most importantly, don’t believe in limitation.

Pluto doesn’t believe in limitation. He believes in power and transformation. And he will have it – and so will you – at any cost. But you’ve got to keep your eye on him too – because he’s in cahoots with Saturn and that South Node and come 2020 he and Saturn will have gathered Jupiter into their sphere of influence. Things are beginning to happen. Pluto conjuncts the Moon during tonight’s lunar eclipse. What will he whisper to her? He also stays close to the Lunar South Node for the next while. Pluto operates in the shadows as well as in plain sight. And he will move decisively. There will be unsettled times ahead. Know that the changes that come are necessary. Acknowledge that you signed up to be here at this time to witness and participate in this grand re-vision.

Why wait? Tonight’s eclipse provides you with the perfect moment to re-write your written and unwritten rules. Start now to dismantle your self-created and socially constructed limitations. Structure can be re-imagined – BY YOU! Be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions – especially if that includes unabated love, happiness, joy and contentment. July marks the end of the beginning of 2019. Proceed without attachment to outcome. Witness the future unfolding and rising to meet you. You’re ready. And it’s all wide open.