Cancer New Moon – Total Solar Eclipse – July 2, 2019

Cancer New Moon – Total Solar Eclipse – July 2, 2019

Today’s New Moon at 10 degrees, 37 minutes Cancer is also a total Solar Eclipse. Every six months we experience eclipses. These cycles are 19 years long and are very close to the exact zodiacal degree. Eclipses signal endings and beginnings. On July 1, 2000, we experienced a solar eclipse at 10 degrees, 22 minutes Cancer. Today’s total solar eclipse was visible in the Southern hemisphere in the South Pacific and along the coast and inland areas of Chile and Argentina. Even though we can’t see it here in the northern hemisphere, it will affect the entire planet. The resonance is strong. So here we are, 19 years later. A long chapter is closing and another cycle begins.

Think back to that first year of the 21st Century. How far have we come? What has your journey from there to here been? The Moon, ruled by Cancer, the sign of the Mother and in the Sign of Cancer, aligns with the Sun, ruled by Leo, the sign of the Father who is also in Cancer, to obscure and cover his light – creating an eclipse. Cancer is about family – foundations, roots, home, mother, father, Sun and Moon, emotion, feeling, tribe, nourishment, and protection of life. The Moon, like the tides, ebbs and flows. She has peaks and valleys. Some nights you see her and on others you don’t. But she, like our emotions and feelings is always there. Always following, allowing, and make space for our ever-changing feelings, needs, and desires.

The first six months of 2019 have been brutal. Take this opportunity to stop and take inventory. Tonight’s eclipse is a stark illustration of our situation. The Sun, Moon, and North Node are conjunct in Cancer. Across the wheel they oppose Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node; also conjunct. Each side is evenly weighted. And they are in opposition. The South Node carries the heaviness of the past, our habits, our collective history, and our rearview mirror subjective account of those things. The North Node carries the freshness of the now, the future, and the possibilities that develop from the freedom of forward movement.

There is a huge pull to keep things status quo – or worse yet – the way they were. And I don’t mean last year. I mean like mid-20th century and even earlier! This battle for the NOW will continue full speed ahead into 2020 and forward. Do NOT buy into fear of the future or rosy visions of the past. Neither will help you in the now. Tonight’s face-off between Sun, Moon, and North Node and Saturn, Pluto and South node is polarizing in the extreme. Just remember: It’s not happening TO you – it’s happening FOR you. You’re the one driving your life. We are not victims of our Stars and Luminaries. We are co-creators.

Mercury will station retrograde on July 7. This will be his second time in the barrel this year. He starts out at 5 degrees Leo and retrogrades back to 24 degrees Cancer, stationing direct on August 2. He will reach 5 degrees Leo again on August 14. Mercury forms 3 exact conjunctions with Mars this year. The first was on June 18 at 22 Cancer, the second on July 8, at 4 Leo and the third on September 3 at 11 Virgo. Mercury and Mars will be pushing hard during these conjunctions. There may be pressure for you to acknowledge or act in accordance with some outside authority or opinion. Be aware of this possibility, but don’t fall for the rhetoric or romance. Mars will also square Uranus on July 11. This will be a very emotional month. That’s no reason to be fearful. Rather, it’s an opportunity to test your emotional muscles and to relax into your true feeling nature.

So it’s time to take that inventory. What is right for your spirit – your heart? Explore your emotions and feelings (not the same thing) now. We’re all making plans. Everything is going to change. We don’t yet know how or exactly when but we can all feel it. Uranus sextiles this eclipse – so don’t think there won’t be any surprises and strange twists and turns… because there will be! But, know that this is a time of opportunity. Feel all the feelings – comfortable and uncomfortable. Get really familiar with who you are in your heart and mind. If you can be at home in your own heart and mind you can be at home anywhere. The question is: how and where do you want it to be. The next “bookend eclipse” to this one will be on December 26th (Happy Boxing Day!) in the sign of Capricorn. We have six months to prepare. We know things are changing. Be ready.