Cancer New Moon – June 27, 2014

Cancer New Moon – June 27, 2014


The New Moon forms at 05 degrees 37 minutes Cancer at 1:08 am PDT on June 27, 2014.  The Moon is in the sign of her rulership in Cancer.  She is completely immersed in her element – water.  Last week we saw the Sun’s entry into Cancer at the solstice.  As a cardinal sign, Cancer initiates the movement from spring to summer.  Cardinal signs are concerned action and movement.  Cancer is also a water sign – feminine, intuitive, emotional and feeling oriented.  The energy of this Cancer Moon is one of free flowing feeling.


Cancer is a river that rushes along, then turns a bend and meanders awhile, only to pick up speed an hour or so later as she crashes over rocks and through a series of rapids, tumbling and free-falling over a precipitous edge, dropping down and transforming into a waterfall for a time until she becomes again,  a river – on her way to a new destination forming and reforming.  She is always water but always capable of assuming of assuming a new form.  Water is necessary for life on this planet.  Water flows from its source high in the mountains all the way to the sea, nourishing and refreshing all it touches along the way.  Out emotional bodies and feeling self perform the same function for our human form.  Without the essential core of emotion and feeling, we would not be human.  And we could not have this amazing experience we call life.


At the new moon there is darkness.  The energies of summer are gathering and beginning to coalesce.  We cannot know what will happen or when or how it will happen we can only feel the possibility.  We depend on our connection to source to access this feeling state – this ever moving, always changing fluid state – the emotional current that creates, nourishes and carries us from our beginning to our end and our eventual return to source.


There are several aspects cropping up during the next week or so that bear mentioning.  On July 1, Mercury will station direct, ending his retrograde that began June 7.  He will return to his shadow point on July 15.  It should be safe for me to but that new phone by then.  You too should be able to shop with confidence for new electronic or mechanical devices after this date.


On July 4, the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.  The Sun slices through the darkness of the Plutonian underworld, casting light into the darkness of our unconscious.  This is a great opportunity to work with your darkest feelings and deepest fears.  Four days later, on July 8, the Sun will square Uranus in Aries.  Breakthroughs and breakouts are likely at this time.  Uranus is erratic but willing to forge ahead.  Later that same day, the Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces will form a grand trine in water, promoting a profound sense of well-being, safety and even courage.


The frontier is open.  We’re heading out into new territory.  The land grab hasn’t happened yet but the wagons are gathering.  What will you do with the knowledge you’ve gained over the last seven months? How will you make your dreams a reality?  Access the deep places.  Feel the feelings.  Go to the source.  Don’t turn around and don’t look back.