Cancer New Moon – June 23 – 24, 2017

Cancer New Moon – June 23 – 24, 2017

The New Moon forms at 02 degrees, 47 minutes Cancer at 7:31 pm PDT on June 23, and at 2:31 am GMT on June 24, 2017.  Just two days ago, we celebrated the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the south.  These, along with the equinoxes and cross-quarter days are major portals and turning points on the wheel of the year.  The daylight hours and the angle of the sun are long and strong in the northern hemisphere.  In the south, the hours of darkness prevail, signaling the start of winter there.  It is the culmination of Spring/Autumn and the beginning of Summer/Winter.  When we add the Cancer New Moon in the sign of her rulership to this equation we can plainly see that is one of the most perfect times to take stock and to set powerful intentions for the coming times.

At the solstice we experienced an influx of watery and cardinal energies.  We are navigating troubled and unfamiliar waters.  It’s been tense, confusing, alarming and uncertain to say the least.  The time between the solstice, this New Moon and the first week of July is probably the last real breather that we will get until after Autumn 2017.  Right now we have a window, provided by the 6 bodies in Water signs to align with how we really feel.  Cancer is Cardinal Water – the first water sign.  Water carries our emotional bodies.  Water is receptive and reflective. Cancer teaches feeling.  Not just feeling but recognition and processing of emotions.  Gemini, previous sign teaches recognition and processing of information and perception.  Cancer refines this process by allowing and assigning emotion as a key component of how we think and work with perception.  She shades and shapes our thoughts.  The linear presentation of Gemini is given dimension and nuance.  Our mental, emotional, and physical experiences acquire weight and power.  They become memorable.  They form the cornerstone of our values and beliefs.  Cancer is yielding, inclusive, and able to allow integration of thought and feeling – sometimes peacefully, logically, and successfully – and sometimes – well- not so much, a bit illogical, and not so successful.  Facts may be facts but feelings are feelings too.  Each is seemingly immutable, each is critically important, and each is true.  Just as there are no dumb or smart facts – after all information is just that –  so, there are no dumb or smart feelings.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are in Cancer.  Neptune and Chiron are In Pisces.  This provided a lot of support for working through the experiences of the last six months.  The Cancer New Moon gives you total permission to freak out, rage, scream, cry, mourn, reconsider, joyously look forward, plan, reform, create, destroy… Hey – it’s all available to you.  Take this time to truly sort your feelings.  Give yourself the gift of time spent alone in honest contemplation of your feelings.  Mercury in Cancer has the world’s longest memory.  So it would be the perfect time to understand and purge old resentments, anger, feelings of alienation, exclusion, victimhood – you get the idea.  And it would be just as perfect to go deep into your feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude, well-being, excitement, alignment, creativity – you get the idea.  Do it now.

Things are going to start moving faster.  By the time of the Capricorn Full Moon on July 8-9, the watery energies will be receding.  We will be heading to the center of summer.  This year that means an  abundance of fire energy.  By the Leo New Moon at the end of July eight bodies plus the North Node will occupy fire signs.  There will be a total Solar Eclipse in August that will sweep across the United States at 29 degrees Leo.  Coincidently – or maybe not – this is the rising degree of Donald Trump’s chart.  Get ready.  It’s going to be a long hot summer.

For now – take it easy.  Come home to yourself.   Do the work.  Use this interval.  Think and feel and feel and think.  Get yourself to a large body of water if possible.  Stare into the distance.  Watch the sparkle of the sun or the moon on the waters.  Get in the water.  Immerse yourself.  Luxuriate and feel what you feel.  This will support your emotional work.  And it will be fun and refreshing.   We could all use an extra helping of fun.