Cancer New Moon – July 9, 2021

Cancer New Moon – July 9, 2021


The Moon is new tonight at 6:16 pm PDT and at 1:16 am GMT on July 10 at 18 degrees – 01 minute of Cancer, in her sign of rulership. Things are moving quickly. The post Eclipse and Solstice energies are still strong and bent on destroying the old ways and order of things, accelerating and pushing a new and as yet unrevealed agenda for the future, collapsing the old systems, procedures, and routines without warning or explanation and trading it for something yet unnamed and mysterious.


Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus have been squaring each other since December of 2020. Squares are aspects of adjustment – sometimes small and sometimes huge. This fractious situation will continue into 2022. This long running square in two fixed (stubborn) signs doesn’t bode well for any sort of victory on the part of either planet. Uranus may want to push against Saturn’s constraints, but this will be a battle that no one wins.


The best way to think of this energy is to assign the attributes of repression to Saturn and those of revolution to Uranus. The demand for freedom and revolution and evolution is strong in the heavens and here on Earth. – But so is the consciousness and need for freedom, transparency, and a blueprint for the future. As we witness the right use and the abuse of power, we have reached the point of desire for an explanation actual narrative that might begin to explain what’s going on. We are watching, living, and tangentially participating in a “reality” that is not the least bit real and at the same time has no obvious trajectory, agenda, or credible narrative that can be discussed.  At the same time we are being pushed forward into circumstances unknown with very little explanation and a loss of a lot of autonomy.


Humanity is struggling to make a dimensional shift from duality to unity, and all that is not in resonance with our evolution must be deconstructed and dissolved. This process will not be entirely pleasant – but it will have its upside and learning curve. Be gentle with yourself and others. Remember to ask for help from your guides. And as John Lennon said – “Love is the answer”. Eris, the goddess of discord at 24 degrees Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn at 25 degrees as the Sun in Cancer at 18 degrees stands in opposition to Pluto on July 16-17 at 24 degrees. Pluto and Eris are thought of as twin bodies. They are nearly exact in size although Eris does seem to have the edge over Pluto. Scientists like to squabble over the data – but admit – “Scientifically, knowing which one is bigger will teach us … absolutely nothing.” Aspects from Pluto to Eris at this New Moon turn our attention towards our current conditions and deficits. What is stunting or depleting us? Where must we prune and do some weeding out?

So far Eris is direct – but look for sparks to fly by July 21, when she takes a retrograde turn. She can cause a fair amount of trouble when she wants to. She’s best known for stating the Trojan War. – so watch out! She doesn’t care what the consequences of her actions bring – She is interested in truth, integrity, awakening, and addressing the needs of the people. She will happily cross swords with top-down authority – especially with her brother Pluto. Her retrograde will magnify that energy. This could cause civil unrest and disobedience. Others will work to counter this energy with therapy, healing, community projects, and love. Remember, She and Pluto are “twins” but Eris is slightly larger in diameter than Pluto. She’s got the edge – in more ways than one!


The sign of Cancer is the foundation of family. Families are based in love. Cancer reminds us that water and life are as inseparable as we are to our families of origin – mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Water corresponds to feelings – both must flow. We are being called upon to become a Galactic Civilization. We are being asked to join with our Galactic families and neighbors. This is an enormous step for humanity. The Galactic family wants and needs our input into Galactic issues. This is an enormous opportunity and evolution for humanity. Feel the future of that! Uranus has shown us what we’ve already outgrown while Saturn continues to show the way forward. These two could work together yet… Creating the future and cultivating the new.


Venus and Mars are still conjunct in Leo. This is powerful Masculine/Feminine energy that urges us to express our passion, creativity, and courage. They last rendezvoused on August 24, 2019 at 4 degrees Virgo. The last conjunction in Leo was on August 31, 2015. These two generally form a conjunction every two years – sometimes more often due to retrogrades. The symbology of Venus and Mars is often seen as exemplars of the sacred feminine and divine masculine, has changed over centuries. Both planets were associated with war, brutal conquest, and bloodshed. We have made good progress. As this New Moon happens Venus in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus. She will continue to conjunct Mars in Leo. Venus represents creation and Mars becomes the warrior. Together they will discover the truth of their union. Venus is the Queen of Heaven. Her Babylonian equivalent is Ishtar. In Sumeria she was known as Inanna.


There is much learning and creativity ahead. We will be seeing increased levels of energy and renewed interest in building and revolutionizing our world. There will be no “going back to Normal. We must construct a new vision and implement it. We can no longer afford to stay in our cordoned-off corner of the Galaxy. We’ve got work to do.  This is an opportunity to heal old ancestral as well as relatively current wounds wounds and to look ahead to our galactic future. Manifesting, healing and receiving are important now.  The steady revelations of what has happened over the last 3 years will be forthcoming. We may get some clarity yet. This will be a slow process – but it will happen. We are moving away from what we’ve only and always known – or think we’ve known. We have come here to fulfill an ancestral purpose and prophecy. We are her to assist in the galactic transition. We must ready ourselves for other world contact and experiences. We may be in for some shocking revelations. We are going to be travelling in different circles sooner than later. Be ready!