Cancer New Moon #2 – July 20, 2020

Cancer New Moon #2 – July 20, 2020
One month on from the 00 degree Cancer/Capricorn New Moon, Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse of June 20-21, we find ourselves in the last days of Cancer. July 20th’s New Moon is the second of two new Moons in Cancer. She is closing the Summer Eclipse season. The Moon at 28 degrees, 26 minutes Cancer is exactly conjunct the Sun as she was at the Solstice. She and the Sun are in opposition to Saturn, retrograde at 28 degrees, 39 minutes Capricorn. Saturn also forms a quincunx to the South Node in Sagittarius, informing us that the past (South Node) is a place of origin – but ultimately, not a place to sit down and get comfortable for a lifetime. It is a place to move on from. A place that has served its purpose.
The Capricorn stellium, intent on a complete reconfiguration of our current “reality” is not due to break apart for some months. Its opposition to the Sun and Moon over this eclipse season has been intense and relentless. Nonetheless, the Sun (the King) and the Moon (the Queen) remain united at these times. Their strength and solidarity are immutable. They work in concert and are one in spirit and in deed. They transmit and reflect the light of our situation to all. Every New Moon they re- establish their relationship and re-assert their sovereignty to the known universe. The oppositions, squares, trines, etc. form and plot a diagram/schematic for what’s to come. Use this celestial map as a guide to right action. This is where you will find the information you need to truly navigate our world as it now presents and reveals itself.

The eclipses have revealed much to us this season. But there’s more to come. Our awareness has deepened. We feel a pervasive sense of uneasiness. The changes that are afoot have not yet presented themselves in a clear and coherent way. We are left wondering what’s coming next? What action should I take? Where am I going? How will it be? Again, look within the experience of these Lunations, Eclipses, and Aspects. The answers are there. Knowing what you now know; what do you see as a path forward?

We are facing a time of immeasurable and undefined change. It’s a big change. You feel it – we all do. Saturn deals with physical reality, limits, boundaries, authority, mastery, discipline and concentrated energy. Pluto seeks to get to the bottom of whatever is necessary in order to reveal and transform our power, our shadow, and our oldest patterns and deepest fears. We are tasked with finding the change within ourselves and within our stars. Trust your own knowing of what is next. And I do mean next – like happening this coming 30 odd days – this next month. Not what’s going to happen in October. That will be too late.

There”s a big T-square involving Mars, the entire Capricorn Stellium, and the Sun and New Moon. This is just the first of many disruptions, irritations and outright challenges that Mars will bring to the party this year. So – you will want to get moving on a plan of ACTION – ASAP. Really – Mars is here in Aries in his sign of rulership to help us personally – to break new ground and to head out into the great unexplored and unsettled future. He’s the perfect Sherpa and Warrior all rolled into one. Believe me – he’s totally up for the mission. He loves this kind of work. And when the road gets rough and miserable, he’ll be up for that too. Mars is your guy. I suggest you get him signed on right away.
On top of everything else, we have the NEOWISE comet visiting us. It was discovered on March 23rd and named for the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Telescope. It came closest to the Sun on July 3. It will be closest to Earth the coming week. Comets are semi-frequent visitors to our part of the galaxy, but if you don’t manage to see this one – well – it won’t be back for about another 6,800 years. Comets are harbingers of change and often co-inside with historical events. So we shall see what comes.

July 25th is the Mayan Galactic Calendar’s “Day out of Time “, marking the end of a yearly cycle and the beginning of a new one. It is a time that’s similar to our New Year or New Moon. July 26, brings the heliacal rising of Sirius, which was a major event for the Ancient Egyptians, who carried the Mayan knowledge of the cosmos forward. Sirius is thought to play an important role in the evolution of humanity, with the new light codes being transmitted at this time every year and peaking at the August 8th, Lion’s Gate Portal.

There’s a ton of stuff happening! And there’s a ton of rumor and misinformation being disseminated about what’s happening or not happening. Stay clear. Keep your ego self in check. Watch and listen. The Cardinal signs are still very active. They aren’t going to ease up anytime soon.

We will be moving into Leo on July 21-22. There will be an intermission of sorts and great sighs of relief will fill the air. But don’t get too comfy. Don’t talk yourself into “waiting to see how everything works out” Nope – things aren’t going to go like that now. Be present and aware to the changes that must occur. Look to the sky. That’s where you’ll find your truth.