Cancer New Moon – July 15 – 16, 2015

Cancer New Moon – July 15 – 16, 2015

The New Moon forms at 23 degrees, 14 minutes Cancer at 6:24 pm PDT on July 15 and at 1:24 am GMT on July 16, 2015.  The sign of Cancer and its natural domicile, the 4th house emphasize the concepts of home and family.  It is where we discover that our feelings and emotions have a life of their own.  We learn that they are not simple, dependable, and uniform but large, sometimes unwieldly, and erratic.  They are also infinitely subtle, complex, and nuanced.   Having made this discovery, we are charged with the responsibility of owning and operating these mercurial beasts and allowing them their free expression for to do otherwise would be a disservice to our humanity.  Without them we would soon become mechanical robotic beings losing all the ground we’ve gained through our deliberate investigations of our interior and exterior worlds – our very consciousness.  There are facts and there are feelings.  They are two sides of the same coin.

The New Moon announces a new monthly cycle.  How better to initiate this cycle than with the New Moon in Cancer?  Our emotional bodies are going to get a good workout this summer.  It’s always easiest to start at the bottom/ beginning.  And since Cancer rules the home and family, and in particular the Mother, I suggest you start there.  Are you well placed?  Are you prospering in your current location?   Do you resonate with your surroundings or are you trapped in an environment that wears you down and makes you feel sad and depressed.  Do your surroundings lift your spirits or crush them?  Home is so very important.  You can’t afford to skimp when it comes to providing yourself with the most easeful, comfortable and positive home life you can muster.  The big question here is:  How do you feel about all this?  This New Moon asks that we investigate our feelings and emotions around the ideals versus the realities of our places of residence, homes, and families.  If you find that you are in a holding pattern and that you tend to go numb around these issues, perhaps it is time to examine your true situation.  There is such a thing as familiar suffering.  It often covers our fear of change.

This is a big week astrologically.  On July 14 the first close up pictures of Pluto and one its moons, Charon were released.  The New Horizons probe traveled 3 billion miles over 9.5 years to reach its destination. The photos were taken from a distance of 7,750 miles. This is the culmination of an initiative by NASA to survey our solar system that was started 50 years ago.  It’s so amazing and mind boggling.  But so comforting, reassuring, and at the same time wildly exciting and fantastical!!! Pluto was identified by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 when Pluto was transiting the sign of Cancer.  It’s fitting that we are now seeing pictures of this mysterious planet/not a planet now at the time of the Cancer New Moon. So this has now entered our consciousness.  It is real. And that is huge!  So what do we do with this knowing? What door does that open for you?

Back to the big week thing.  It’s feeling a bit like it did back in January and during eclipse season back in the first weeks of April.  The Cardinal signs are featured this week.  Mercury is conjunct Mars and opposes Pluto tonight.  So if you’ve been feeling some unresolved anger and rumbling down deep in the caverns of your soul you’ll know the reason why.  Mars is uncomfortable in Cancer.  He tries to control his temper – but just can’t manage it.  There is a real volatility in the air.  Uncertainty and the possibility of chaos on many political and economic fronts have everyone on edge, muttering under their breath and hoping that by keeping these feelings and emotions sub rosa they can contain and ultimately stall the explosion that seems inevitable.   Good luck with that!  I recommend feeling your feelings fully.  Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to view your situation with clarity and from an integrated perspective.  Phantom feelings left unfelt leave room for surprise psychological coups.  Be warned.

Next week on July 22, the Sun moves into Leo and conjuncts Mercury.  These two conjunct in a fixed sign will see people doubling down on their favorite thoughts and becoming entrenched in their habitual political/social/philosophical stances and positions.  There won’t be a lot of détente going on.  On Friday, July 24, Venus will station retrograde at 00 degrees, 46 minutes Virgo.  She will remain retrograde for the next six weeks, turning direct in September 6.  Mars will continue to oppose Pluto and will square Uranus from July 15 through July 25 sparking a strong urge for freedom, aggression, innovation, and revolution.  Uranus will retrograde on July 26.  If there was ever a time to come to grips with what you really feel, the summer of 2015 is the time to indulge.

Venus’s retrograde will focus our attention on matters of the heart.  How do we love?  How do we want to be loved?  Additionally, what do we value?  What makes us happy and what does not make us happy?  Venus would also like us to examine our relationship to our finances (both personal and global, BTW).  And finally, she would like us to arrange for more balance and beauty in our lives.  Venus loves to love.  She wants you to love it too.  Working with all the emotions surrounding that big one: LOVE – is the perfect antidote to all the uncertainty and aggression issuing from the other big planetary players as the month wears on.  Venus encourages you to discover your joy and to release that which does not bring you joy.

It’s a time of discovery.  Don’t even get me started on the retrograde of Saturn into Scorpio from free-wheeling Sagittarius!  Talk about finding new emotions!  It’s time to get down to it and investigate those squirmy, seemingly random feelings that plague you.  Why not do it?  Conditions are ripe.  New consciousness awaits. It’s a good way to spend the summer.  I’m just sayin’….