Cancer Full Moon – January 15-16, 2014

Cancer Full Moon – January 15 -16, 2014


The Full Moon forms at 25 degrees, 58 minutes Capricorn at 8:52 pm PST on January 15, and at 4:52 am GMT on January 16, 2014.  This is the first full moon of the year and will appear to be the smallest moon of the year.   Tonight’s Full Moon will be at apogee, the farthest point in its orbit from Earth.  Every month the moon swings out to lunar apogee and then swings back to lunar perigee, its closest point approach to Earth.  When the full moon occurs at apogee we have a “MircoMoon”.   Every month for the next seven months the full moon will come closer and closer to Earth.  On August 14, 2014, we will see the largest SuperMoon of the year.  At that time the moon will be 221,765 miles (356,896 kilometers) away from Earth – about 30,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) closer than this night’s moon.


The night sky has been beautiful this winter.  Currently Jupiter and the Moon are on full display.  That big bright spot near the Moon is Jupiter.  He looks small because he’s so far away.  If he was at the same distance as the moon, he would look quite large – 16,00 times larger than the Moon. The Full Moon in Cancer is roughly conjunct Jupiter.  Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.  He loves being there and he loves hanging out with the Moon on a clear winter night.  The Moon joins the ongoing Grand Cross in Cardinal signs.  Jupiter is in Cancer – yes – and he has been a major player in this configuration, but the Moon in her own sign ups the emotional ante.  The question becomes:  “How does it FEEL?”  The Moon’s is concerned about her participation in the Cardinal Cross.  It feels personal and it is.  The Moon is prone to worry – ok let’s just say it – she’s a worrywart! Jupiter soothes her anxiety while a sextile from Saturn is Scorpio adds supportive big brother energy as he encourages the Moon to examine the reality of the situation rather than spin out into apprehension and fear.  Saturn rules Capricorn and knows what he’s talking about.  He shows her that it’s not as bad as she might imagine.  And the Moon has quite the imagination.  The supportive atmosphere created by Saturn and Jupiter allow the Moon to feel her way through her insecurities, fears, and phobias and to find her way to a clear spot.  Use the Full Moon to clear anxiety.  It’s not helping.  It brings everything to a standstill.  Get going and feel your way through this.


On January 16, Venus in Capricorn will square Mars in Libra.  Venus and Mars are The Lovers.  Squares call for adjustment.  It is a safe bet that sparks will fly.  Don’t tell me you haven’t felt this coming on!!!  It could be a personal dispute or a conflict of interest in business or politics at a local or global level.  Venus in Capricorn is newly retrograde making her touchy and introspective.  Mars is uncomfortable in Libra.  He’s not the compromising sort.  So he’s all thumbs and can’t find the right words.  Venus can’t BELIEVE that he’s being such a CLOD.  Mars is squaring Jupiter so he won’t get any help from that quarter.  Pluto is standing right next to Venus shaking his head.  And so it goes…  Oh well.  There’s always the make-up sex – or détente as they call it in politics.


Before you know it the Sun will move into Aquarius.  We’ll be halfway through winter.  Mercury arrived in Aquarius last weekend.  He’s getting the lay of the land and preparing the way.  Sun in Capricorn emphasizes the structure of the current world.  Sun in Aquarius looks to the future world and aims beyond the horizon.  The work done at this Full Moon will prepare you to meet the unknown.  Good riddance to the static, baggage, insecurity, fear, habitual responses, and anxieties you leave behind at this Full Moon.  In the light of the Full Moon – lighten up!  Feel the freedom.  And don’t forget to look up and out.  There’s so much to see from the clear spot.