Cancer Full Moon – January 12, 2017

Cancer Full Moon – January 12, 2017

The Full Moon forms at 22 degrees, 27 minutes Cancer on January 12, 2017 at 3:35 am PST.  Welcome to 2017.  Every year the Moon returns to her home in Cancer, the sign she rules.  This year she re-ignites the Cardinal Grand Cross as she hits her mark creating the fourth leg of what is a rather contentious T-square between the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter who are in Capricorn, Aries and Libra respectively.  Mama Moon is home!   She’s had quite enough of this T-square bullshit for the moment.  She wants movement.  She wants to see the wheel of the calendar year 2017 begin to roll forward.  Stalemate is antithetical to the Cardinal signs.  Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn seize upon an inspiration, thought, or situation and initiate action.  Just try to stop them.

The Moon in Cancer arrives right on time.  Cancer is the first water sign – cardinal water and the first sign to initiate us into our feeling nature.  She is unafraid of feelings – her own, yours, or the feelings of that guy across the aisle on the bus.  It’s what Cancer’s do.  She rides the swift river of feeling knowing that the sheer force and movement of waters of life will impart knowledge, alter perceptions and feelings, and inevitably result in transformation.  This process is the acknowledgement, experience and result of experiencing one’s feelings all the way through.  It is emotion.  It is evolution in motion, growth and expansion.

Here at this first Full Moon of 2017, we are challenged to feel all the emotions we’ve been finessing all this last year (and years and years before that too!)  Things are going to begin moving MUCH more quickly after this moon.  The distractions of the holidays and elections are gone and over. It’s a good idea to clear the decks and make way for what comes next.  You know what you’re avoiding. Get in there and FEEL IT.  Get through it.  Hold it close and own it as if your life depended on it – because in many ways it does. The quality of your life has been significantly impacted by these failures to feel. There’s not going to be a lot of time to luxuriate in hurt feelings or righteous senses of injury and injustice once the ball of the year begins to roll.

Venus, Goddess of Love and Neptune, God of the Oceans and Waters of Spiritual Unity and the Higher Octave of Venus will conjunct at this full moon.  Venus moves through Pisces once a year but Neptune visits the sign of his rulership only once every 165 years. His current transit marks his first return since 1848.  So it’s a big deal for Neptune to have this opportunity to assist us from his exquisitely attuned spiritual home in Pisces.  Venus is in her exaltation in Pisces. There’s currently a huge pile-up of planets in Pisces. Venus, Mars, Chiron, The South Node and Pallas Athena are lined up to assist you.  Pisces is the third and last water sign.  If there was ever a time and place to ride the rapids in the river of emotion – it’s now.  The love and support of Pisces and Cancer will see you through.  There so much love and healing energy surrounds us at this full moon!

Next Monday Mars conjuncts Chiron giving us extra energy to continue the healing begun tonight.  On January 18, Mars forms a square with Saturn in Sagittarius.  This will be a check-in point.   Saturn will want a progress report on your emotional process and healing.  I know it might feel a little cold and clinical to have your process critiqued so soon – but….Saturn has his timetable and his checklist – and it really is for your benefit – even though it may seem like a pain in the ass just now.  He’s not being mean – he just needs to know who’s on board and who isn’t.  He needs a head count.  Soon.  By the time the moon moves into Virgo on Saturday, we will have analysis, balance integration and clarity.  That’s the timeline.  Stay on track.  All the planets are moving direct.  Don’t let yourself get sleepy and blurry.  Because things are going to start moving fast again – soon.

The headwaters of the Ganges River in India flows from the Gangotri Glacier at 12,000 feet in the Himalayas of Northern India.  It literally gushes from the glacier with vital force.  It wants to flow.  It desires to flow.  As the Ganges continues on its 1,569 mile journey it widens, changes, and is joined by other smaller rivers. It changes directions several times and supports over 400 million human lives and unknown numbers of animal, and plant ecosystems.  It is a holy river.  As it nears the ocean it creates the largest delta in the world before it empties into the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.  Jump into the river.  Jump into the clear cold rushing waters at the source of your feelings and emotions.  Ganga Ma, the Goddess/Mother/Moon will embrace and support you. Commit to taking the river all the way to the sea.  Feel the wide spaces, the twists and turns, the rocks and the murky places.  Look under the rocks. Navigate the rapids.  See the trees and animals.  See the stars above at night.  Feel it all.  Be cleansed.  Unite with the vast and infinite emotion of the ocean.  Unite with all that is.  Mother Moon protects and guides you.