Cancer Full Moon – December 29-30, 2020

Cancer Full Moon – December 29-30, 2020

The last Full Moon of 2020 peaks on December 29, at 7:29 pm PST and 3:28 am GMT at 8 degrees, 53 minutes Cancer, closing out the year, the decade and an era – the first 20 years of the 21st century. As this year shuts down, we are still feeling the reverberations our eclipses; especially the December 14th Solar Eclipse (which will continue to unfold throughout the first half of 2021) and wobbling a bit – still standing- as we make our way into the New Year.

The Capricorn energy of 2020 has been obvious. The Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto triumvirate has parted ways, leaving Pluto to fend for himself in Capricorn (fear not – he is more completely capable on his own) as Jupiter and Saturn settle into Aquarius after their grand conjunction. Jupiter is still close enough to Pluto to catch his vibe. He will act as a translator going forward, keeping Saturn and all concerned informed of Pluto’s movements. Jupiter and Saturn will collaborate to re-form our antiquated agenda of top-down governance as espoused by Capricorn to the consensus-based, alliance-focused, and innovative imperatives of Aquarius. We have a lot to look forward to as well as a lot to learn and unlearn.

These last few days of December find us looking at Venus as she and the South Node in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. This stimulates our ability to intuit, see, dream, and create. It also leaves room for fantasizing, gossip, victimhood, and lying. Choose the high side of this aspect. As Venus conjuncts the South Node she creates a space for releasing old and faulty information and beliefs. The Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius present a very nimble polarity allowing us to ping back and forth between “facts” and “interpretation”. Neptune will square the Nodes in late January. Fact-checking of every sort will be imperative during that time.

It’s been a chaotic year. There has been an enormous amount of uncertainty, upheaval, fear for our lives and our ways of life, anxiety, spontaneous adaptation, and just plain coping with the changes. Our Moon has been a faithful mirror, making her appointed rounds and checking in with all of us every “moonth”, reminding us that she is ever present, monitoring our planet and subtly adjusting her light and our psyche. The Moon watches us just as we watch her. It is a good arrangement.
The Cancer Moon is in her sign of rulership, high and bright in the winter sky. She facilitates, expression, emotion, feeling, intuition, grounding, knowing and clear-seeing. From her cyclical vantage point, she sees, notes, and applies her feminine expertise to tending and mending our dreams, apprehensions, visions and mistakes. She is skillful and wise. And she will always be there when you need her.

This interval of extreme discomfort and in some cases, complete unknowing has changed us dramatically and irrevocably. It will take a while to sink in. Let it fully penetrate your consciousness. We have yet to fully savor and see the results. We have been obsessed with Health, Life, Death, Freedom, and Survival. And by the way, January is going to be chaotic so buckle up. Once we move through that we will be able to get to work. Allow yourself to fully assimilate what you have experienced in 2020.

We have been presented with an opportunity to experience something very new to us but very natural to the cycles of Earth – a very different way of living. We have been granted access to the workings of the Universe – given a front row seat to a major breakdown, widespread changes, continuing and constant adjustments, new potentials and possibilities, and above all – transformation. We are moving forward. Nothing is going back to “normal”. Anyone who tells you that we are; is lying to you and to themselves. We are at the tipping point. Be thankful for this opportunity. A new Earth and a new civilization is forming. Rejoice and join in.
Happy New Year – We are on the brink of revolution. It’s time.