Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – January 10, 2020

Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – January 10, 2020

The Eclipse of the Full Moon at 20 degrees, 00 minutes, Cancer will occur at 11:21 am PST and at 7:21 pm GMT. Eclipses have a 19-year cycle. On January 9, 2001 there was a lunar eclipse at 19 degrees, 36 minutes Cancer/Capricorn – very near the degrees of today’s eclipse. 2001 holds a lot of associations. It was the year of the 9/11 here in the United States. Our government and citizenry became fearful and wary of the world outside our borders and began to take a very different approach to its role as a major player on the world stage. Looking back to other references to 2001, we find Stanley Kubrick’s film masterpiece 2001. The tag line for that movie was – “The year we make contact.” Had we made contact? In retrospect it seems that we had. It was released in 1968. It gave us a clear picture of our universe and the possible future that awaited us. The lunar eclipses that year were in the cardinal signs of Aries (initiation and action) and Libra (balance and shared vision). It was a utopian vision with just enough darkness around the edges to make it feel real. And so – here we are.

The film was an investigation and a revelation of the various forms of consciousness – what it is and what it portends. Consciousness is a word that gets batted around a lot. Sentient beings exist in all sorts of forms – some visible and some invisible. Some are so huge that they cannot be fully seen or comprehended and some so small as to escape notice and comprehension by even the most powerful minds and microscopes. When we speak of consciousness, are we referring to basic observation, a state communion between life forms – spoken or unspoken, or galactic consciousness – unity, harmony, and empathy at a universal level? Life forms here on earth have struggled to define and unwind these notions with varying degrees of success. This week in particular, (and for the next several decades) we are being presented with an opportunity to further broaden and refine our consciousness.

Worldwide, 2019 was a year of coming to terms with, upgrading, and re-calibrating our operating systems, our actions, and our definitions of consciousness. I believe that all sentient beings have been involved in this. The next few days will be crammed with information that’s being added and subtracted from our consciousness. At the time of the eclipse, four planets – Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, the large asteroid Ceres, and the South Node and Sun are all in the sign of Capricorn in opposition to the Moon and the North Node in Cancer. Cancer, ruled by the Moon is personal, emotional, and concerned with feeling. She holds a vision for the future that will release us from our fears, and intractable habits, and pathetic inability to embrace a path based in love and strength rather than fear, anxiety and weakness. Capricorn is competent, organized, responsible, and concerned with boundaries and large institutions, economics, and rules. Unfortunately, it is also sometimes reluctant to reassess its own rule book. It can become very rigid and habit bound if not checked.

Today’s Moon is powerful in her own sign even as she faces off against all the celestial bodies in Capricorn. This is a release of the old vision, the old rules and the time-worn and antiquated ways of doing, thinking and feeling. These alignments are our new map for integration, expansion and forward movement as a species – no matter what species or phylum you may conjure. Uranus stationed direct today in Taurus. It’s a revolution at a physical as well as emotional and spiritual level. Choose we must.

Will it be Love or Fear? We humans are by nature connective and social animals. At this point in our evolution we create community and consciousness that allows us to reach out and open to others, to attempt communication with other species and life forms, whether they be from the animal kingdom or our galactic neighbors. The cardinal signs announce the ending of an era and the beginnings of the new way.
Today is the beginning of the next epoch – the next big chunk of “history”. January 12 will see the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Ceres in Capricorn. Time is abstract but it passes just the same – or it seems to. We must act from our personal and deep knowing of what our destiny entails. Relationships are up for examination. It is through our relationships that we create community, continuity and consciousness. And not just our human relationships – our relationships to all beings and to Earth and the other planetary bodies known and yet unknown. These are an integral part of our consciousness They are our unrecognized ultimate allies and protectors. How do all these relationships shape our consciousness? THEY ARE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Do not sell them short. And don’t sell yourself short either. You and I, the rocks, the plankton, the whales and the eagles – we all contain galaxies. Open to that consciousness and all will be well.