Aries New Moon – March 27 – 28, 2017

Aries New Moon – March 27 – 28, 2017

The New Moon forms at 07 degrees, 37 minutes Aries at 7:58 pm PDT on March 27 and at 2:59 am GMT on March 28.  The dark Moon in Aries announces that it’s time to wake up, shake it (whatever ‘it’ is) off and get going.  Get going on what?  It almost doesn’t matter.  Just get moving.

All new and full moons are powerful.  This one however is power-packed.  This New Moon is the first of the astrological year. The energy is fresh from the fire.  It’s a lot different to what we’ve been experiencing.   This moon is keyed up, has a hair-trigger temper, and a super-low boiling point.  She is sensitive in the extreme and will not be shy about acting on those sensitivities.  Aries is the first sign, the first Fire sign, and the first Cardinal sign.  Get the picture?  Cardinal signs initiate and act.  And when they do…. Shit happens.  No time to ask questions.  Action is what matters.  Don’t overthink – in fact don’t think at all.  Your big brain is not your friend right now.  Intuition moves you to begin again.  I would suggest that you listen.

Venus, retrograde at 03 degrees Aries rose and set with the Sun on March 25.  This was her inferior conjunction which brings her closest to Earth as she passes in front of the Sun and into the underworld.  Venus in Aries is cast as the warrior goddess; one who will brook no interference.  She is keen to move ahead and to accomplish her tasks be they peaceful, warlike, or something in the middle.  In the underworld she faces her fears, desires, misdeeds and their consequences, grief, sorrow, anxiety and self-doubt.  Use this retrograde to get clear of your own underworld.  Acknowledge the vast emotional storehouse within you.  It is necessary to come to grips with what lurks beneath the calm surface that you present to the world.  What and who is living in your basement?  Who/what stays upstairs with you and who/what has got to go?

The opportunity to move quickly and effectively when the retrograde ends is enormous.  When Venus emerges from her journey to the underworld she is reborn as the morning star and begins another 584 day period known as a Synodic cycle.  Venus will lead us out of this underworld we’re experiencing at an individual and collective level with Arian energy.  She will meet the world from an Aries perspective.  The last time we experienced Venus in this form was in March and April of 2009.  Think back to that time.  Compare you then to you now.

Jupiter continues to oppose Uranus.  Yesterday day he opposed Mercury which made for some fractious and goofy interactions.  He’s also squaring Pluto who, in turn is squaring Uranus. This will continue for a couple of weeks.  Sound familiar?  Well for the next while, every time the Moon slips into Cancer she will spark the Cardinal Cross of yesteryear.  Don’t be alarmed – just be aware.

There’s a lot going on. Everyone is touchy, prickly, self-obsessed and absorbed.  Venus retrograde is no fun really.  It’s necessary though.  Everyone’s in review mode.  It’s actually deeply personal, profoundly delicate, lonely, and gut-wrenchingly sad.  There is an intensity that cuts both ways.  Back to the past with a pure desire to burn away the dross and damage.  Ahead to the future to illuminate the high road that leads away from the underworld and into the NOW where everything is possible.  Give yourself the gift of being with yourself at this time. And like I said earlier.  Don’t over-think.  That big committee in your head isn’t going to help you. They don’t have any new ideas.  Feel your intuitions and feelings and trust them.  We’re not trying to draw up a master plan. We just need to get moving again.    Don’t run away from yourself.  Grab yourself and take you where you most want to go.  Run fast and try everything.  Get moving.